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Fiat buy/sell

Offer your asset for fiat purchase with more than 50 fiat currencies using a credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and local payment methods.
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Payments, donations and custody

Empower businesses with your asset: allow users to pay for services and goods, accept donations and make payouts with your token.

Access a ready-to-use solution with NOWPayments—a revolutionary crypto payment gateway.

For a personalized option, integrate NOW Custody—our business custody solutions.


Storage, sending and receiving

Integrate with NOW Wallet, our secure non-custodial wallet, for asset storage, purchase, exchange and staking in a secured mobile and desktop app. 40+ blockchains and thousands of tokens available.

Additionally, explore our White Label Wallets, a market-ready solution for iOS, Android, and web.


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Public node

In addition to the standard listing procedure, we can set up a public node on NOWNodes and give 100+ major wallets, exchanges and crypto businesses direct access to your asset.

Empower crypto projects with your coin and expand your asset’s adoption.

Listing options

We can add any coin or token for exchange support taking one of our approaches
The asset is represented on a CEX or on a DEX
The asset has trackable markets on CoinMarketCap
The asset has a substantial liquidity pool for continuous transaction flow
Your asset project is developed, but is not yet supported for exchange
You aim to create a market for your asset to foster brand developmentLearn more
Your asset needs to be connected to another asset or network with no service fees (for the purposes of migration, Mainnet bridge, bridging different networks etc.)Learn more
You aim to create a trackable market on CoinMarketCap
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What is coin listing?
Asset listing on an exchange service refers to the process of adding a new cryptocurrency or crypto token to be exchanged on the platform. It involves the evaluation and approval of the asset by the exchange, ensuring that it meets certain criteria such as technical specifications, regulatory compliance, market demand, and security standards. Asset listing provides an opportunity for projects to gain visibility and liquidity by being accessible to a wide audience on the exchange. It also allows investors to diversify their portfolios and participate in the growth potential of new digital assets.
What happens after my crypto token is listed on ChangeNOW?
After your cryptocurrency or crypto token is listed on ChangeNOW, you can expect the following:

Increased Exposure: Being listed on ChangeNOW exposes your token to a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts. ChangeNOW has a large user base, which means more potential investors and users for your token.

Liquidity: ChangeNOW works with liquidity providers to offer unlimited liquidity for your token. This means that users can easily exchange your token for other cryptocurrencies on the platform. This increases the utility and demand for your token.

Trading Volume: As more users discover your token on ChangeNOW, the trading volume for your token may increase. Higher trading volume can lead to increased price stability and liquidity for your token.

Partnership Opportunities: Being listed on ChangeNOW can open up partnership opportunities with other projects and platforms in the crypto space. This can lead to collaborations, integrations, and increased visibility for your token.

Community Growth: ChangeNOW has an active community of crypto enthusiasts. By being listed on their platform, you can tap into this community and engage with potential users and investors, which can be further explored with partnership marketing opportunities (cross-promotions on social media, articles in our crypto blog etc.) This can help you grow your own community and increase awareness of your token.

Is there an asset API I can look into?
Sure! Feel free to consult our free API documentation to see all coins and tokens that are already listed on ChangeNOW. Once your currency is supported on ChangeNOW, it will show as available in the API endpoint.
What are the requirements for asset listing?

For each listing option, we have different conditions in place for enabling the asset. The Standard listing requirements are as follows:

  1. The asset is traded on a CEX (Binance, KuCoin, Huobi,, etc.) or a DEX (Uniswap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, etc.).
  2. The asset has a BTC/USDT/BUSD/WBNB/WETH market.
  3. For DEX-traded tokens, the relevant pair has a $100,000+ total volume.
  4. For CEX-traded assets, the relevant pair has a $300,000+ daily trading volume.

For assets that do not meet these requirements, we have two more options in place: Market making and Multichain Bridge.

What if the asset does not meet the requirements?

If the asset does not meet the initial requirements for trading volume, we recommend looking into our custom solutions: Market Making and Multichain Bridge. With these options, you can provide your own operational liquidity to enable crypto exchanges.

We encourage you to reach out to us in any case - we will suggest an optimal solution for your project.

Can the coin or token be delisted?

Yes, if the asset stops meeting the initial agreed upon requirements without further notice, we may have to delist it from our platform.

These are our current delisting conditions:

  • Trading volume dropping below $ 100,000 (the asset can be listed again after the amount goes back to the required level)
  • If the project is publicly denounced as a scam
  • Upon request from legal authorities
  • According to ChangeNOW’s internal decision (clearly communicated to you)

We encourage you to stay in touch, so if any of these conditions occur, we could reach out to you and discuss the situation.

How can I contact your team?

We will be happy to chat and learn more about your project!

If you’re interested in listing, you can just submit a listing application through our Listing form, and our team will contact you within 2 business days.

If you have a question we can help with, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we will be happy to assist.

If you’d like to organize an online meeting, we will be glad to meet you and get to know each other. Just book a call here.

How long does it take to list a coin or a token?

The duration of the process depends on the complexity of the integration and the type of blockchain your asset is represented on. Tokens on common networks like ERC20, BEP20, TRC20 and others are usually listed quicker than Mainnet coins. The listing timeline will be clearly communicated to you at the start of the integration.

Just fill out our Listing form, and our team will give you an estimation of the listing timeframe.

How much does it cost to list a coin or a token?

The integration price is estimated depending on the complexity of the integration and the timeframe it will take our team to implement your asset.

If you already are a partner with ChangeNOW, you are entitled to receive discounts for token listing depending on your monthly volume. Feel free to check out our Privileges page to find out more.