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Add NOW token to your portfolio and access something more than just a crypto asset. NOW is both a coin and a fuel powering the ChangeNOW ecosystem.

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Applying NOW token

NOW is not only a crypto asset that opens up a world of crypto features for you but also is a promising investment. Achieve new highs with NOW:

Get NOW token

In order to access NOW token privileges, you can buy, store and exchange it using our service. Here’s how:

You can also get your NOW tokens with the help of these services:

Trade NOW

Another way to add NOW tokens to your portfolio is trading. NOW token is available for trading on Uniswap and BinanceDex. Trade to both obtain NOW tokens and to increase your income.

Top wallet for storing crypto

NOW Wallet is a part of a large ChangeNOW ecosystem. It is a secure service for managing your crypto assets, including NOW tokens. Awaiting you inside your wallet:

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