Nimiq (NIM)

Nimiq (NIM)

What Is Nimiq (NIM)?

Nimiq is described as “open money”: a blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin but designed to run in a browser. This digital asset could be sent and received across borders; future functionalities include getting donations/tips and paying online. NIM is a token of the Nimiq Mainnet Blockchain; coins are awarded to developers.

What Are The Nimiq Advantages?

  • Installation-free, browser-first: Nimiq is written in Javascript ES6 and communicates via WebSockets + WebRTC for connecting to the network without a trusted 3rd party.

  • One purpose: simple, fast and secure payments from one user to another.

  • Ecosystem apps built by the team and community.

How To Store NIM Coin?

It’s an ERC20 token which could be stored in any wallet supporting Ethereum.

How To Buy NIM Coin?

NIM coin is listed on HitBTC, KuCoin, and Latoken exchanges. You may always check the most relevant NIM price on CoinMarketCap.

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