BLOCKv coin (VEE)


What is the BLOCKv coin?

BLOCKv is a Swiss blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency, which has the exchange designation VEE. The idea is to create a space where digital assets can be developed. Under this concept, experts mean projects that exist both in the real world and in the network. For example, these include slogans, analytics, weather forecast and much more.

The team of creators promised during the BLOCKv ICO that absolutely every participant will be able to receive VEE tokens for their work. This should be an important step in the copyright protection industry. Thanks to the system built on the BLOCKv blockchain, the data will not be lost and will be stored on the platform for as long as it exists. In fact, this idea is not new, and competitors are actively working in this direction. But BLOCKv was able to move the furthest.

As for the project's own cryptocurrency, it can be earned only on the site. Hardware mining is not provided. The team conducted a one-time issue, during which 2 billion 300 million BLOCK vee coins got in circulation. Their total amount (including non-current) exceeds 3 billion.

What are the advantages of the BLOCKv coin?

  • Tokenization of assets. On BLOCKv, you can pay for content only in tokens, which is an important step in the popularization of cryptocurrencies for business and real life.

  • The vAtoms tool. It will be used to develop own content and integrate the existing content on the platform. Thanks to it, the owner will be able to accurately characterize the product on which he plans to earn. This solves the the problem of separating unique objects from fakes.

  • Copyright protection. All information about the right holder and the final offer, together with the license, are entered into the blockchain. It is impossible to delete data from here, but it is easy to access it in case of a dispute between pirates and content owners.

Where to store the BLOCKv?

There are several options of BLOCKv coin wallets. All of them are associated with the Ethereum system crypto-wallets. The leading one is MyEtherWallet, which provides a good degree of protection of the coin and extensive opportunities for transactions. Also, you can keep the tokens in a universal Atomic wallet. The functionality of the hardware storage Ledger Nano 5 allows you to store VEE on the device. You can always read the recent BLOCKv coin news to know about the new options for the coin storage.

How to buy the BLOCKv coin?

The BLOCKv coin became interesting for several large cryptocurrency exchanges, so it is quite easy to buy it. For example, you can buy the VEE coin on Upbit and Bittrex, but only for BTC. On the cryptocurrency exchange Ethfinex the VEE tokens are sold for ETH. There is also a little-known platform Bancor Network, where you can also exchange the BLOCKv coin. You can see the current BLOCKv coin price on Coinmarketcap.

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