Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is a crypto coin created after Bitcoin radical upgrade (also known hard fork). The difference between the original BTC and BTG lies in the more decentralized structure and slightly freer mining procedure. Bitcoin Gols mainnet started in November 2017 – the total supply of this cryptocurrency is 17.1 million. BTG was founded by a team of experienced software developers led by Jack Liao – up until now the team makes sure the technology is constantly being upgraded.

Bitcoin Gold mining is possible through GPUs, as the main idea of this crypto was to decentralize the mining process. Bitcoin Gold value relies on the coin’s supply and demand. BTG is a popular cryptocurrency with a strong community backing it. So, if you are interested in more Bitcoin Gold news, you can check more information on social networks and in BTG-related channels.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Gold?

  • Decentralization. Bitcoin Gold mining is decentralized with PoW algorithm, which restricts some features of the process and allows Bitcoin Gold users to mine with GPUs.

  • Replay Protection. The protection ensures that no malicious attacks and fund losses happen on the blockchain by making transactions on one chain invalid on any others.

  • No big swings of in hash power. Another protection mechanism of BTG is meant to adjust the algorithm.

How to store Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold wallets are widely available. First of all, there is a Core Wallet, which is full-node and can be used to store the blockchain. However, it takes up lots of computer memory to work.

There are other wallets that do not require any extra space to function: Trezor and Ledger (hardware wallets) support BTG. As for those, who prefer the desktop and mobile versions, Guarda and Exodus have Bitcoin Gold wallets, too.

How to buy Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold coins are available to buy, sell and trade on multiple exchange platforms – there is no lack of services to purchase BTG . You may always check the most relevant Bitcoin Gold price on CoinMarketCap.

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