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Buy Bitcoin Cash

The first name that cryptocurrency brings to everyone’s minds is Bitcoin. It was one of the initial currencies that caught people’s attention and broke all the market records. With the increasing popularity, the community brought its fork named Bitcoin Cash. Now, the biggest question here is: how Bitcoin Cash differs from Bitcoin? The answer is, it is faster and simpler. As BCH uses bigger blocks, it offers more transactions to flow. Therefore, the main issues of BTC were resolved.

These are quite important values that Bitcoin Cash brings to the crypto community, that’s why this sounds like a good reason so far to buy BCH. But in case you aren’t convinced, let us give you another one. Being a fork of Bitcoin, BCH gets all the features that it had, and a few extra. That is what makes it more preferred than Bitcoin itself. Plus, the transfer price of Bitcoin Cash is much cheaper than the original BTC. So, you will be saving additional money while getting all the transactions done quicker. On top of everything, you will be getting a good ROI on these, making it a great deal.

If you have decided to purchase BCH, try out instant non-custodial exchange service ChangeNOW. They have an easy to understand interface that you can use to buy Bitcoin Cash with debit card or exchange it with 200+ other cryptocurrencies. Even the registration process is quite simple. Thus, you will get to own one of the most interesting digital currencies with very little effort.

About Bitcoin Cash

As the fame of Bitcoin and the number of transactions in its network raised, some issues were seen in it. The most significant trouble was that the system became slow and inefficient. Therefore, the community decided in 2017 to fork the cryptocurrency to make it better. Out of all the Bitcoin forks, Bitcoin Cash became an identity in itself. The developers expanded the size of the existing blocks to 8MB in BCH, and the overall speed of a transaction surged. Many people found BCH a good alternative - and went for it.

Bitcoin Cash started its journey with a price of 400-500 USD per coin in July 2017. The price kept on going 100 USD up and down for the next few months until it hit the all-time high value of 4,355.62 USD in December 2017. The interesting fact here is that right after a year of this hit, December 2018 experienced the all-time low value of BCH, i.e., 75.03 USD. If you want to invest in BCH right now, you will have to pay an approximate amount of 300 USD per coin.

The point worth noticing here is that BCH is made from Bitcoin, and by many, it’s considered better than the BTC itself. Therefore, you can show it the same trust that you have in BTC and purchase Bitcoin Cash. With the assistance of ChangeNOW, you can do the work without any hassle. The service is non-custodial which means it’s more secure than its competitors and offers very reasonable rates. You can buy BCH with debit card here on with any of 200+ cryptos.

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