Where to buy Tron cryptocurrency

The infamous Tron is a decentralized blockchain platform for creating a global entertainment network. It was developed to allow content creators to download their works directly to the consumers. Intermediary platforms, like Apple Store and Google Play, will not be a part of the process which will help with the decentralisation of the entertainment industry. Tron is planning to provide users with a completely free and reliable platform for publishing, storing and distributing any kind of creative content. The platform is open source and recently moved to its own blockchain. Where can I buy Tron cryptocurrency, you ask?

List of places where you can buy Tron cryptocurrency:

  1. Binance
  2. Bittrex
  3. Huobi Global
  4. OKEx

How to buy TRX on Binance

Binance cryptocurrency exchange, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a platform where to buy Tron you would need to perform the least amount of steps. It has rapidly entered the top of the crypto exchange lists in terms of the trading volume despite the fact that it began to work only in 2017. Tron is among the top ten crypto coins traded on Binance stock exchange, and the daily trading volume of the TRX / USDT currency pair is more than $ 30 million.

As noted above, Binance appeared on the market only two years ago, in 2017. The platform very quickly took leading positions in many ratings and continues to expand its influence and presence in the market. At the end of 2017, Binance management announced that the number of traders who had signed up to the exchange exceeded three million people and obviously now this number is much bigger.

To buy Tron on Binance you will need to create an account, replenish your account and place an order for the desired amount of Tron. The biggest (and probably the only significant) downside of Binance is that it only accepts crypto transfers. That means that if you want to buy Tron with USD you will need to use intermediaries that we will discuss in the sections below. Apart from that nuisance, Binance is a perfect choice where to buy Tron coin you wouldn’t need to get into too much trouble.

How to buy TRON on Bittrex

Well-known Bittrex is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that are represented on the market. It stands out against competitors, such as Kraken or Bitfinex, with an abundance of coins to choose from.

Like many other exchanges, Bittrex allows its customers to store the funds on their accounts. As for the security of storing funds on the exchange, Bittrex recommends using two-factor authentication, which has already become the standard in crypto industry. Cases of major hacker attacks on Bittrex are unknown to the community so you can be sure that your TRX is not going to be stolen from your Bittrex account. In any case, Bittrex looks like one of the most secure platforms where to buy Tron cryptocurrency you will only need to create an account and place an order.

How to buy Tron on Huobi Global

Another good place to buy Tron now is Huobi Global exchange. The Huobi platform was founded in Beijing and during almost 7 years of its existence has firmly established itself in the global lists of the best crypto services. One of the key steps in Huobi Global’s history was the decision to acquire the powerful international platform BitYes, which opened the maximum access for investors from the Western countries to the Chinese market.

The Huobi system uses the SMART-Chain asset valuation model and offers a range of services that will optimize user support, including real offices in a number of major Asian countries. The exchange interface is translated into 12 most popular languages.

The interface of Huobi exchange is very similar to that of any other crypto exchange. If you have minimum experience with the crypto market you will face no difficulties trying to find where to buy Tron and Ripple on Huobi.

How to buy Tron on OKEx

Okex is a multi-currency exchange that allows you to exchange tokens and crypto coins. OKEx is a subsidiary of the popular Chinese stock cryptocurrency OKCoin. Okex also provides margin trading in cryptocurrency futures. The exchange also has a built-in API for algorithmic trading, a nice feature for professional traders. In addition to getting access to the place where to buy Tron (TRX) profitably, you get access to a safe multi-currency wallet.

OKEx has low fees (0.03% for open orders) and high liquidity in the BTC / USD currency pair.

Where to buy Tron coin with USD

Truly the best place to purchase Tron is Binance, however, it does not accept USD payments. But do not worry, there is a solution!

The solution is Coinbase. This cryptocurrency exchange is a reputable trading platform and multi-currency wallet project/ It allows authorized users to earn money from exchange or trade transactions and, most importantly, it allows users to buy BTC with bank transfers. There are some geographical restrictions but they can be avoided. After you have bought BTC on Coinbase you can transfer it to your Binance account or buy Tron with Coinbase itself. This is how to buy Tron with a visa debit card.

Where to buy Tron coin with PayPal

“Where can I buy Tron with PayPal?” is another popular question. Well, once again, it cannot be done without an intermediary but it is indeed possible. You will need to use VirWoX or a similar platform.

Technically, VirWoX can not even be called a Bitcoin exchanger. To be precise, VirWoX is the market for Second Life Lindens, the domestic currency of the Second Life virtual world. Although VirWoX does not allow you to buy BTC for PayPal directly, you can first buy Second Life Lindens (SLL) tokens, and then exchange them for Bitcoins. The main disadvantage here is that at the end of the chain of exchanges, the commission can reach up to 10%. And remember that you will still need to transfer your BTC on Binance or another exchange where to where to buy Tron cryptocurrency you are obligated to use crypto and not fiat money.

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