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What Is ChangeNOW Asset Listing Program And How Does It Work?

The moment of listing on a new exchange can mean many things. It can mean that your project has finally released the tokens after working behind the scenes for a long time, or it can mean that your community is requesting more liquidity and wants more options to trade. Whatever the situation is, listing on a new exchange is never a wrong idea. Doing so improves the ability for your token holders to exchange their tokens, it allows them to acquire them and it brings more people towards your coin or token. We here at ChangeNOW believe cryptocurrency believers do not simply own one currency, we see that many people own multiple currencies, ranging from small-cap alts to Bitcoin. With this thought, we like to offer people the option of trading those tokens at any moment, for any other token that they would want. Now let’s zoom back a little and see what it is that the ChangeNOW service is doing.

ChangeNOW Swapping Service

An exchange with no limits, that’s basically what ChangeNOW is offering. It allows you to simply swap any of the currencies that are listed on the exchange and swap it for any other currency that’s available. The offered tokens range from the more traditional coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others to more small-capped projects like Komodo, Power Ledger and many others. The service allows you to swap any of these coins through the system, without any order limit, to any coin that you like. This means you could be exchanging millions worth of Ark tokens for BNB tokens through the service without having to create an account. This is done with the help of the integration into trusted exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex, that allows ChangeNOW to always provide the best rate on the market. Saving you the time of registering on all of these exchanges, searching for the listed project and hoping that the wished trading pair is offered. We eliminate all of these issues and make it as easy as a few mouse clicks. 

What tokens do we ad? How does the token system work? Where then do they move? How can the tokens help in the listing?  What happens to those,  who reach 15k?

NOW Token Asset Listing Program

The current list of tokens offered on the exchange can be found through this link. To create the ability to exchange your tokens to many other tokens, we’ve added several projects ourselves. Although to add new projects, we’ve come up with a new innovative system that allows us to provide a gamified system of getting your tokens listed, involving your community and bringing a usecase to our own NOW Token. We have created the NOW Token Asset Listing Program. With the help of this program, it allows any project to be listed on the ChangeNOW exchange with the help of two things: the NOW Token and your community. With tons of exchanges asking for enormous listing fees, the ChangeNOW team has created a system to avoid these costs and simply meet the demand that’s already there. Let’s see, how does this all play out? We start off with the first step. 

1. Go to the Asset Listing Program page.

To be able to vote for your project and support the fundraiser that will eventually allow the project to end up on our exchange, you will need to visit the desired page that lists the current open fundraisers. We have selected several projects that are open to raising funds. These will show directly on the page together with their logo and the current status of the fundraiser.

2. Support your favorite project

Now it’s up to you to pick the project of your liking out of the offered projects. Once you have made up your mind and picked the project that you would like to see listed on the ChangeNOW exchange, it’s time to make your donation. 

3. Make your donation

First off, you will need to purchase NOW tokens and hold them in your personal wallet. The NOW Token is currently being traded on IDEX and Binance Dex, where you can pick up these tokens and send them to your personal wallet. Once you have picked the project of your liking, copy the address of the wallet that’s listed next to the logo and copy this to your wallet. Pick the amount of NOW Tokens that you want to send to the fundraiser and press send. Whatever wallet you are using, make sure that you double-check the address that you’re sending your tokens to.

4. Wait for the transaction to confirm

Once you have sent your NOW Tokens, wait for the transaction to confirm and see for yourself. The progress bar on the Asset Listing Program page will shift towards the right and move closer to the goal, currently set at 15,000 NOW Tokens for your project to be listed on the ChangeNOW exchange.

5. Share the fundraiser and hope for the best!

Great! You have supported your favorite project and you made it more likely that the project will be listed on the ChangeNOW service. What you should do now is share your contribution on your social media to incentive your followers to do the same. Many hands make the load of the work easier and will allow your project to reach that 15,000 milestone and accomplish your goal. 

A video tutorial about the process described above: 

What happens next?

The moment a project reaches 15,000 NOW tokens in the wallet and the box can be ticked, within several weeks, the project will be listed on the ChangeNOW service. This will grant your users access to swap your tokens against many coins and provide more liquidity. It’s a winner for both sides. You tell your community to stand together and fill up the donation bar with NOW Tokens, which brings them the value at the end of having more liquidity and more possibilities to trade against many other tokens. 

Prior to the currently listed projects, there were several projects that matched the fundraiser and managed to get listed on the ChangeNOW exchange. These projects were Po.ET (POE), Raiden (RDN), Crypto.Com Chain (CRO), Pundi X (NPXS), Tierion (TNT) and Cosmos (ATOM). Not the smallest projects to begin with, but the more small capped projects have an equal chance of getting listed. 

How do I participate in the fundraiser?

As the owner of the project itself, you might be interested in knowing how you participate in the fundraiser. We handle every request carefully and on a personal level to make sure we are on the same page prior to opening up the fundraiser. Interested in getting your token listed on the ChangeNOW service? Reach out to our Business Developer Roxanne;

Telegram: @Roxaanne

E-Mail: [email protected]

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