Verge Price Prediction 2019

What is Verge?

Verge is a privacy-centered cryptocurrency founded in 2014. Originally, Verge was called DogeCoinDark, but the currency underwent a rebranding in 2016 and received the current name. In 2018, XVG reached the top-50 currencies by market capitalisation. Privacy coins are usually quite successful in the market and the demand for anonymous coins is high. However, will Verge be able to take advantage of these factors?

Verge price prediction 2019

Cryptocurrencies are sure a highly volatile asset – we see major rises and falls on the market basically every day. So far, Verge news has been on a brighter side and the holders enjoyed their crypto of choice quickly recovering from price falls. All the major and minor volatility periods can be seen on Verge coin price chart.

To make Verge coin predictions for the nearest future, ChangeNOW needs to consider all the factors that may lead to this coin prosperity or failure. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the features:

First of all, Verge is in demand. Cryptocurrencies are often referred to as a solution for transaction exposure. For this reason alone, anonymous currencies like Monero, Dash and, of course, Verge, are popular in the crypto community. The mechanisms that the anonymous currencies use allow hiding transaction details such as wallet addresses and amounts of crypto. As bad as it may sound (but do not misinterpret our message), Verge is a coin that virtually cannot be regulated. Hence, it is attractive to the ones wanting to find a way around legal barriers. By this, we just mean the increased demand and hype around XVG.
The second point in favour of Verge coin is that it is widely accessible – all major exchanges, including ChangeNOW list this cryptocurrency. Due to the popularity among exchanges, XVG adoption is growing exponentially. It is now possible to see the list of vendors accepting Verge payments.

Verge future plans are quite impressive, too. According to the Verge projects roadmap, such actions as creating the new website, mining update and smart contract inclusion are all not too far ahead.

Sure, all of these positive factors are going to influence verge coin price. Despite the extreme volatility period, we can see changes in Verge coin value that indicate some kind of growth. There are other privacy-focused cryptocurrency projects on the market that can be a threat to XVG’s success – above-mentioned Monero and Dash, as well as other competitors (Zcash, Nav Coin). So, it is important to consider all the possible risks before making an investment. ChangeNOW, in this case, can only say that Verge prediction for 2019 looks promising so far.

Making a long-term Verge coin price forecast is a challenging task for any currency. There is definitely a demand for privacy type coins, and if XVG can achieve the needed level of acceptance, there is definitely a potential for this currency to thrive. Price of Verge at the moment might not be at the best, but we are looking forward to the future development and upgrades of this coin.