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What is Polkadot — A Promising Crypto You All Need to Know

You may have heard about Polkadot ready to skyrocket in the nearest future. Check this article to learn how to buy and sell it with ChangeNOW!

Polkadot is a sharded multichain that can simultaneously process many parallel transactions. Recently, it has grabbed crypto enthusiasts' attention once again: a prominent market analyst Lark Davis says it's likely to skyrocket in the nearest future. Intrigued? Let's learn how to buy and exchange Polkadot coins with ChangeNOW!

What Is Polkadot

Polkadot is a protocol allowing independent blockchains to exchange information. The Polkadot project is a brainchild of the Ethereum co-founder, Dr. Gavin Wood (he holds a PhD in software engineering). Dr. Wood created Polkadot to enable inter-blockchain transactions and eliminate the long-standing blockchain scalability issue. The project’s native token DOT serves three main purposes — governance, staking, and bonding. DOT token holders can vote, earn rewards on their stake, or add new parachains by bonding. In such a way the project gives the users full control over the protocol — the ecosystem doesn't have miners. Instead, it leverages a proof of stake algorithm, so the holders can manage all exceptional events like protocol upgrades and other fixes. The project uses game theory and rewards honest users while making cheaters lose some part of their stake. With this principle, the system stays secure. The DOT token has a market cap of over 4 billion dollars, thus making it one of the top contenders of the crypto space. The token has a maximum supply of 999 million coins.

How to Buy or Sell Polkadot Coin

ChangeNOW is one of the most user-friendly platforms where people can exchange Polkadot to other cryptocurrencies. To exchange your coin in ChangeNOW, all you have to do is select your coin, allow the system to display the receiving amount, add your address and confirm the exchange. Your coin will arrive at the wallet within minutes. ChangeNOW is a stress-free platform where you can perform transactions smoothly and easily. Let’s look at how you can buy and sell the DOT coin with ChangeNOW.

How to Buy Polkadot Coin with ChangeNOW

How to Sell Polkadot Coin with ChangeNOW

Go to your browser and open ChangeNOW

Go to your Browser and open ChangeNOW

On the home page, find “Buy crypto”

On the home page, find the exchange window

Select USD and enter the amount (you will also see the Polkadot USD exchange rate)

Select “DOT” as the coin you want to sell

Then select DOT as “a coin you get"

Then select the coin you want to get

Enter your wallet address

Enter your wallet ID

Confirm the exchange

Confirm the exchange

Complete the purchase. Your coin will be in your wallet within minutes!

Complete the exchange

You can check the current DOT to USD exchange rate by entering 1 DOT and checking the USD's corresponding exchange rate. Polkadot USD rate can also be checked through the ChangeNOW platform.

Polkadot USD Exchange

ChangeNOW has made it much easier to check the current DOT to USD exchange rate. This DOT to USD price allows you to know the exact number of coins you are getting. Also, you may now trace the DOT equivalent for other cryptocurrencies.

Options to Exchange Polkadot

Buy Polkadot for Fiat

How to exchange Polkadot? With ChangeNOW, it’s really simple. The users can resort to either of two options: choosing the classic rate or the fixed one. With the classic rate, the exchange rate is subjected to the current network load and market condition. The rate might keep fluctuating, so you might not receive the amount of coins you expected. With the fixed rate, ChangeNOW allows you to escape any exchange rate fluctuations. It guarantees your safety and transfers the exact amount you expect to receive by laying down a small reserve.

Credit or Debit Card

ChangeNOW also allows users to buy coins using their credit and debit cards. It makes ChangeNOW one of the best platforms when it comes to buying and selling crypto. To buy a coin with your debit card,

  1. Click “Buy”,
  2. Select USD (or any other preferred option) as a mode of payment,
  3. Select DOT,
  4. Add your DOT address,
  5. Confirm the address and the very fact of the exchange,
  6. Click “Pay”.

ChangeNOW will redirect you to our payment partner, where you can input your card details. After confirming your purchase, your coin will be sent to your wallet. Everything is safe and smooth!


You can also purchase some cryptocurrencies with cash with the help of crypto ATMs. Their number is constantly growing, so if you can find one near you it might be a viable option — and at the same time the most tiresome one.

Buy Polkadot with Another Coin

Buying Polkadot with other coins is an essential option. ChangeNOW has you back here: we have more than 200 cryptocurrencies supported and the list is constantly expanding. To buy a DOT coin with other coins, all you need is to select the coin as the means of payment and proceed with the exchange.

Polkadot Exchange Advantages on ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is one of the reliable and efficient platforms where users can do a hitch-free transaction. There are a lot of reasons to use ChangeNOW, as it is:

  • Secure: The platform is absolutely secure. All transactions are encrypted. The platform doesn’t store any user information and doesn’t disclose this information to a third party.
  • Fast: Our website transaction speed is top-notch, because ChangeNOW focuses on promptness and ease of use. Most transactions are performed within 2 minutes.
  • Versatile: The platform allows you to buy and sell a variety of coins. It also supports fast and easy fiat-to-crypto purchases made via Visa and MasterCard.
  • No hidden fees: All fees are visible before a user makes any payment. There are no hidden fees.
  • No registration: There is no registration. Users have full control over their crypto assets.
  • No upper limits: There is no upper limit.


What Is the Current Polkadot Exchange Rate? To check the current DOT exchange rate in ChangeNOW, all you have to do is click “Currencies” at the top of the page and select “DOT”. Then scroll down to see the current DOT/USD exchange rate. What Is the Polkadot Exchange Rate? The Polkadot exchange rate is the Polkadot current price to USD. When checking the real time exchange rate for Polkadot, you can also choose between the classic rate and the fixed rate. Pick an option of your interest to exchange DOT to any given pair of currency. Where to Exchange Polkadot? ChangeNOW exchange provides the most simple and intuitive way of exchanging Polkadot to any other currency. It facilitates fast swaps and offers competitive fees, thereby making ChangeNOW the best platform to buy your DOT coins. How to Buy Polkadot with the Lowest Fees? The best option to buy DOT coins is through the classic rate as it displays the current exchange rate and what you will get in return. Good news: no extra fees will be added!

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