OmiseGo Coin Price Prediction

Established in 2017 by Jun Hasegawa, Donnie Harinsut and supported by Ethereum co-founders, OmiseGo coin raised over USD $25 million in the first year. OmiseGo is a daughter project of Omise, which is known to be a famous payment processor in Southeast Asia. OmiseGo coin current price is USD $0.79, and thanks to some recent progressive actions from developers (OmiseGo’s signing of crypto coalition universal protocol alliance), the OMG’s value keeps on increasing.

OmiseGo Coin Price Prediction

What is OmiseGo (OMG)?

Unstoppable financial infrastructure, or just a decentralized cryptocurrency and universal payment system built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, OmiseGo is aimed at enabling businesses and individuals to invest, exchange and spend digital assets anywhere and anytime. In addition, the company possesses its own crypto wallet where one can trade fiat currencies and tokens including OmiseGo.

OmiseGo Coin Price Prediction

If you wonder where to buy or exchange OmiseGo, you can do it quickly and securely on our website. But, firstly, let us introduce to OMG future price prediction.

OmiseGo Price Prediction 2019

As we have already mentioned, the productive and wise policy of the currency’s team lifts OMG up during the end of the year. So, OmiseGo price prediction for today and the last month is rather positive – $0.84-$0.85. However, some Reddit users claim that the price can fly up to $1 which is a little bit exaggerated.

OmiseGo Price Prediction 2020

In 2020 the team is going to fully use the advantages of the cooperation agreement with MakerDAO which will allow the OMG holders to access the blockchain faster and more securely. In the middle of the year, the price is to reach $0.86-$0.91 while the end of the year will be marked by crossing the $1 hurdle. The maximum expected value of OmiseGo is $1.1-$1.2.

OmiseGo Price Prediction 2021

January 2021 will be a little bit frustrating for OMG holders as the price can decrease down to $0.91. Nevertheless, with the right steps and thoughtful strategy, OmiseGo can come back to $1 price though some news agencies suggest OmiseGo will keep on falling down to its beginnings - $0.71-$0.75.

OmiseGo Price Prediction 2025

Long term prediction, especially for recently-emerged currencies is rather a challenge, still, you can estimate according to the price chart that it’s going to rise. So, the average price of the coin by 2025 is expected to reach $1.5-$2.


OmiseGo Coin Price Prediction

As a quite new and rising cryptocurrency, OmiseGo has all its chances to conquer the cyber market as long as it has Ethereum support on its side and other promising collaborations. If you are up for mining something new and challenging, go ahead for OmiseGo.

*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. The information presented in this article should not be considered as any sort of investing advice and the reader should do their own research before taking any actions.

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