New Partnership: ChangeNOW And Magnum Wallet!

ChangeNOW, a preeminent non-custodial crypto swap service, and Magnum Wallet, an innovative multi-cryptocurrency wallet company, are collaborating to provide their customers with the best services! It is an honor to work with people who share our views on privacy and work ethics.

Magnum Wallet provides its customers with the best experience of managing more than 1000 crypto assets. It is a light non-custodial wallet which guarantees maximum privacy for its users. None of your personal info is required to set up a wallet and manage your funds. Magnum has an in-built exchange and hard wallet integration features. It is available for both web and mobile.

As for the technical details, ChangeNOW and Magnum are fully integrated. It means that Magnum’s customers can choose to run quick and easy crypto swaps powered by ChangeNOW in the wallet itself. To check out our combined work make sure to get the latest version of the wallet!