Dogecoin Wallet 2020

Best Dogecoin Coin Wallets

These days cryptocurrencies are everywhere. By November 2019 there are more than 36 million cryptocurrency wallets in the cyber world. The rise in popularity of crypto not only means bigger incomes and benefits but also higher risks of hacking and robbery. Thus, choosing a reliable wallet is the most important thing when it comes to storing your Dogecoin coins. The best wallet for Dogecoin in 2018 was, for sure, Ledger Nano S. However, nothing stays the same, so let’s take a brief look in the best Dogecoin wallets this year. If you already possess some DOGEs or think about starting out, you can purchase or exchange some on our website.

How to Choose a Decent Cryptocurrency Wallet?

The cryptocurrency world is highly prone to changes and upgrades. So are the wallets for your coins and tokens. Nowadays, to choose a good wallet, one should take into consideration private keys, security features, the possibility of backup and GUI simplicity. Furthermore, it is important to know how to create Dogecoin wallet address, restore the wallet or back up the Dogecoin wallet which is a primary task for the support team.

Dogecoin Wallet 2020 is a specially designed web wallet for Dogecoin coin holders. The main feature of this best online Dogecoin wallet is that you can easily create an account while the files are encrypted in your browser. The control over private keys is only in your hands which gives you an opportunity to decrypt the wallet.

You can access here.


Dogecoin Wallet 2020

This wallet is a good solution for those who want to keep their multiple currencies in the same place. Guarda is a web wallet giving you full control over the assets. It is easy to buy Dogecoin coins and tokens in Guarda using your credit or debit cards while being sure that it is 100% secure. Guarda is built on the QT software framework which makes your Dogecoin wallet work better and faster. Moreover, the wallets based on QT can easily assess recovery modes which can save your crypto in case of emergency.

You can access Guarda wallet here.

Free Wallet

Dogecoin Wallet 2020

We would love to call Free Wallet a lite edition of a Dogecoin wallet as far as it doesn’t provide the access to private keys. However, this wallet is famous for its openness and decentralization. It is available in 13 languages and supported by all popular operating systems.

You can access Free Wallet here.

Ledger Nano S

Dogecoin Wallet 2020

For secure and safe storage of cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend offline storage. This tiny USB device keeps your private keys in a secure element protected by a PIN and has a restore feature. It features a small but bright OLED screen where you can check your Dogecoin balance. If you decide to purchase this wallet, make sure you use the advantage of the official Ledger Live app. You can contact the support team which can help you with problems like “no block source available” and etc. on your Dogecoin wallet.

You can purchase Ledger Nano S here.

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