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ChangeNOW's Public Statement: NOW Token Listing and Future Plans

Hey folks!

We know that everyone is waiting for NOW to be listed, and we actually do have some good news! NOW is listed on several decentralized exchanges already, the most prominent of them being ForkDelta and EtherDelta. You can find NOW on both exchanges by looking up the contract address: 0xe9a95d175a5f4c9369f3b74222402eb1b837693b. Everyone who would like to buy some is welcome to do so!

As of now, we are negotiating NOW’s listing on more decentralized exchanges - DEX’s are a really great concept and they are all the rage right now, so please stay tuned - we will deliver some good news fairly soon.

Centralized exchange listing is postponed for the time being. We are aware of the fact that NOW being listed on centralized exchanges is very important for our clients, and that the listing has already been postponed before, but the process of listing doesn’t depend on us entirely - however, we will do all we can to get NOW listed in the best way possible at the best moment possible. Our utmost priority is to guarantee a great environment for our token to grow and develop, to our clients’ joy. We will definitely share the news on the progress we have made as they come.

We take our token and its listing on centralized exchanges very seriously and, as most great things do, it takes time. The NOW token is very important for us, as are our token holders, so we are constantly working on improving our service in order to make it even cooler and to give our clients the opportunity to use the full potential of NOW. In fact, we are going to release a couple of awesome NOW’s features really soon!

We would like to remind you that you can still get NOW tokens from participating on our Airdrop campaign by making exchanges on the site. At the moment, we are preparing some really cool activities for token holders, so don’t miss out! Thank you so much for your attention!