Karma Policing: We Admit Our Mistakes and Protect Customers

While the global crypto legislation framework is yet to become a done deal, here at ChangeNOW we came up with our own way to manage borderline situations: stick to good karma. If we make a mistake or an exchange goes sideways for technical reasons, we prefer to rectify the error at our expense and protect the customer from the possible consequences. Here is a brief story of how we dealt with an honest mistake that cost us a hefty sum. 

Due to a minor API bug, one of our customers’ STRAX transactions went wrong. It happens to the best of us: a technical error led to an incorrect transaction processing, and the transaction fee skyrocketed to over 90% of the transaction amount. Wow, thought the customer. Wow, thought our support team. We temporarily froze all STRAX transactions, got to the bottom of the problem, and made the only decision we deemed possible: fully reimbursed our customer. 

Why did we do that? The ChangeNOW team is convinced that no matter what, we have to take responsibility for our mistakes and always put the customer in the foreground. We think that’s how a decent exchange platform should work. 

If you are having difficulties with a transaction or believe that you’ve been treated unjustly, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, and your problem will be addressed.