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Check Out an Exclusive Interview with Robert Miller from Fuse on ChangeNOW’s YouTube

In the latest episode of Know The Coin with ChangeNOW, our CBDO, Pauline Shangett, has interviewed the Marcom Director of Fuse Network, Robert Miller.

First, during the interview Robert touches upon his background. Before joining Fuse a year ago, he has worked both in enterprise technology companies such as TrustPilot and with other crypto related projects including Cointelegraph. Robert's experience includes crypto consulting in the fields of media, PR, business development, project management, etc.

When asked about how he thinks the crypto space is different from other industries, Robert explains it this way:

It’s a completely different culture cause it grew up on its own. Crypto wasn’t born out of another industry, which is what often happens. Like you know, you can do industries that are born out of existing industries, whereas crypto is completely grassroots…

Then Robert describes what Fuse Network does. He emphasizes that the goal of his company is to provide access to crypto finances and payments for as many people as possible. Then, Robert explains how Fuse is different from other similar services:

Where we differ is that we really focus on the entire technology stack from the blockchain up. So, we’ve got an EVM, an Ethereum-based blockchain, high speed, low transaction fees. But then also we’ve got other tools that allow people to very quickly get involved and very quickly start building out their own payment community, their micro economy, their payment system. So we’ve got a studio, for example, which allows people to create a token within minutes, to start branding it and then to start onboarding users to their payment community or their payment system, and to allow people to download a wallet so they can start transacting with this token immediately.

Robert gives examples of businesses that have already easily implemented the crypto payments system. Then Robert and Pauline discuss the Fuse token, Fuse exchange swap, the platform’s roadmap and more.

To hear all of Robert's exciting stories and insights, check out the whole video interview attached above.

We want to thank Robert Miller and Fuse for this great conversation.



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