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1 BTC ~ 16.319546 TUSD

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TrueUSD 価格チャート

TrueUSD 価格はライブ, 仮想通貨 TrueUSD 価格(米ドル)、時価総額と供給

TrueUSD 今日の価格は $1. その現在の循環供給は tusd 1255838377 時価総額で $1255815150.66.


$ 1


$ 1255815150.66

24h % 価格

0.02 %

24H ボリューム

$ 79538676.11

7d % 価格

-0.03 %


1255838377 TUSD

What Is TrueUSD?

TUSD is one of the several stablecoins on the crypto market. It is fiat-collateralized and tied to dollar at one-to-one ratio. TUSD was designed to deal with the volatility problem and to be a reliable and transparent crypto asset. The TrueUSD team regularly publishes audits and info on collateralized holdings.

The TrueUSD network only approves those users who passed AML/KYC procedures and can verify their identity. For their part, TUSD management team guarantees transparency and minimal involvement: a new TUSD is minted automatically when a USD is deposited to the network, and burns when it is withdrawn.

TUSD ranks number 54 according to CMC with $275,435,049 market capitalization. It’s circulating supply is 275,494,560 TUSD.

TrueUSD の購入方法?


ピック TUSD上記の「あなたが得る」通貨として暗号化またはフィアットを選択してください TUSD で購入TrueUSD財布の住所を入力送信一回限りの住所へのデポジット」受け取りあなたの交換コインを〜5分で!

TrueUSD の売り方?

以下の手順に従って,豊富な暗号選択から TrueUSD コインをアセットと交換してください:

ピック TUSD上記の"送信" 通貨としてTUSDのために取得したい資産を選択取得したいコインのウォレットアドレスを入力してください送信一回限りの住所へのデポジット」受け取るあなたの交換コインを約5分で!

TrueUSD - USD Exchange

As the number of users investing and trading in cryptocurrency assets increases, one of the most viable options available is exchanging TUSD to USD. ChangeNOW offers an exchange of TUSD/USD along with other options.

TrueUSD Exchange Advantages on ChangeNOW

  • ChangeNOW employs industry-grade security measures to provide optimum protection for all users and their funds.
  • Buy, sell, and exchange TUSD with a variety of options.
  • There are no hidden fees while transacting TUSD.
  • ChangeNOW eliminates the lengthy procedure of registering while transacting TUSD.
  • The ChangeNOW portal does not place any limits on the minimum amount or deposit for any transaction.

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