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ChangeNowで最高 FET 為替レートで Fetch を即座に交換してください。制限、アカウント、心配はありません。大切なことに時間とエネルギーを費やして、残りを処理します。


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1 BTC ~ 16.545399 FET

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Fetch 価格チャート

Fetch 価格はライブ, 仮想通貨 Fetch 価格(米ドル)、時価総額と供給

Fetch 今日の価格は $0.34. その現在の循環供給は fet 1151441226 時価総額で $253107784.96.


$ 0.34


$ 253107784.96

24h % 価格

-5.79 %

24H ボリューム

$ 70371978.75

7d % 価格

56.35 %


1151441226 FET

What Is Fetch?

Fetch.ai is a decentralized platform which directly connects devices and digital agents delivering solutions to complex task/set of tasks. The goal is to simplify IoT, algorithms and other complex solutions implementation.

Fetch.ai uses a collective learning AI/ML architecture enabling devices and agents to search, find and learn from each other. Use cases include such industries as transport, energy, e-commerce, healthcare.

FET token provides participants with an access to different tools on the platform. Agents use FET to fund and maintain Fetch.ai functioning: connecting agents, exchanging value, accessing complex algorithms. FET token is also an incentive for governance and fair decision making.

Fetch の購入方法?


ピック FET上記の「あなたが得る」通貨として暗号化またはフィアットを選択してください FET で購入Fetch財布の住所を入力送信一回限りの住所へのデポジット」受け取りあなたの交換コインを〜5分で!

Fetch の売り方?

以下の手順に従って,豊富な暗号選択から Fetch コインをアセットと交換してください:

ピック FET上記の"送信" 通貨としてFETのために取得したい資産を選択取得したいコインのウォレットアドレスを入力してください送信一回限りの住所へのデポジット」受け取るあなたの交換コインを約5分で!

Fetch - USD Exchange

You can measure every currency in the world against USD. From a global transactional standpoint, that increases the importance of having your Fetch to USD exchange smooth. ChangeNOW takes care of not only a seamless exchange process but also the best FET to USD exchange rate possible.

Fetch Exchange Advantages on ChangeNOW

  • ChangeNOW cares about your privacy and security. We are a non-custodial service, and we never control, store, or hold your funds in any way.
  • Once you deposit your FET on the address, your exchange is complete within minutes — why wait longer when you can spend your time on so many other important things?
  • We offer you Fetch exchange options along with a versatile range of other cryptocurrency assets to choose from, and the list is constantly growing.
  • We don't require you to sign up, remember passwords, or go through elaborate procedures to get what's legitimately yours. Create a wallet and get, set, go!
  • We don't believe in limiting you, your money, or your earning potential. Swap as much as you like; limits are not our thing.

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