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Tether USD (OMNI)价格图表

Tether USD (OMNI) 实时价格,加密货币 Tether USD (OMNI) 价格(美元)、市值和供应

Tether USD (OMNI) 今天的价格 $1. 当前循环提案 usdt 73,141,766,321 有市值 $67,637,116,809.71.


$ 1


$ 67,637,116,809.71

24h % 价格

-0 %

24H 音量

$ 26,723,554,495.16

7d % 价格

0.01 %


73,141,766,321 USDT

What is Tether Omni?

Tether OMNI is a cryptocurrency launched on the Bitcoin blockchain. Being a stablecoin, each USDT is backed by a reserved U.S. Dollar. Tether, just like other cryptocurrencies, can be transferred, held or spent on goods and services. USDT was created to facilitate the transfer of national currencies and provide the users with a non-volatile alternative to popular cryptocurrencies.

The amount of circulating Tether must always be equal to the total amount of Dollars stored in Tether Limited bank account. To prove this, the company publishes the bank account balance on their website, in the Transparency section.

Since each USDT in circulation is backed by the fiat currency (either USD, EURO or Yen), Tether is a fiat collateralized crypto. It was originally built on Omni Layer using the Bitcoin network as its transport protocol, allowing for transactions of tokenized traditional currency. Then it also started to use the Ethereum protocol making Tether available in ETH smart contracts and dApps. Lately, TRON blockchain added USDT too.

如何购买Tether USD (OMNI)?

用户可以在 ChangeNOW 上购买 USDT 种加密货币之一或 18 种法定货币:

选择 USDT 作为上面的 “你得到” 货币选择 加密货币或法定货币来购买 USDT 秒输入 你的 Tether USD (OMNI) 个钱包的地址 存款发送 到一次性地址在大约 5 分钟内 获得 被淹死的硬币!

如何出售Tether USD (OMNI)?

按照以下步骤,从我们丰富的加密货币选择中更改资产的 Tether USD (OMNI) 个硬币:

选择 USDT 作为上面的 “您发送” 货币.选择 要为 USDT 获得的资产输入您想要接收的硬币的钱包地址 存款发送 到一次性地址<在大约 5 分钟内 获得 被淹死的硬币!

Tether - USD Exchange

Tether is backed by the US dollar, so trading between them should be simple and straightforward. However, many platforms needlessly complicate the process. That is why ChangeNOW decided to step up and provide fast and secure USDT to USD transactions. Let us choose the best exchange rate and we will present it as it is, with no hidden fees.

Tether Exchange Advantages on ChangeNOW

  • ChangeNOW is a non-custodial exchange; we do not store your crypto. We also employ the best security measures to protect your information.
  • Buy, sell, and swap USDT in 5 simple steps. Receive your cryptocurrency directly into your wallet in less than 2 minutes.
  • We take great pride in being adaptable to the everchanging crypto market. We add new and upcoming assets regularly and follow new trends.
  • A user does not need to go through a lengthy process of registration for exchanging Tether. You can buy or exchange USDT without registering on ChangeNOW.
  • There are no limits for any USDT exchange on ChangeNOW. You can start trading with as low as $2; there are no upper limits.

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