Waves (WAVES)

waves coin

What is the WAVES?

WAVES is a decentralized blockchain-based service with its own cryptocurrency. Its main task is to exchange tokens. In addition, it is possible to support the so-called “Colored coins”. These include crypto assets that can be created by each member of the system. For example, it is possible to carry out tokenization of the company's shares or create a joint financing project.

In addition, users have the opportunity to create their own game token, a tokenized ticket to the event or even a means of payment. In this regard, WAVES has some similarities with NXT. However, there are differences, such as an advanced scripting language. This factor brings WAVES closer to Ethereum.

WAVES coin mining is impossible in the traditional sense. Only some members who are selected by the balance of the token can generate new coins. The rest of the network members have the right to transfer their tokens to delegates so that they have the opportunity to mine. The number of nodes is limited to 100, and finding a block takes 10 seconds, according to the recent Waves coin news.

What are the advantages of the WAVES project?

  • Ample opportunities. The main task of the WAVES service was to create a ready ecosystem for business development, which is based on the blockchain. The functionality of the platform makes it attractive for investing in the Waves coin.

  • Decentralization. Thus WAVES complies with the main principle of the cryptocurrency industry. The digital currency does not have a single control node, so it cannot be hacked.

  • Anonymity and protection of personal data. Transactions in the WAVES system cannot be tracked.

  • High speed of transactions. Financial transactions on the platform are carried out in just a few seconds.

Where to store the WAVES coin?

The WAVES system has created an official wallet that can be used inside the platform or to participate in multi-currency trading. There are two versions of the repository: full and light ones. The advantage of the full version is the ability to support the blockchain, so the user can become a miner. However, if you plan to become a delegate, you need to pay attention to the correct setup.

Let us consider in more detail the light version of the wallet. There are two versions - browser and desktop. The first one can be installed on any of the major browsers. The second one should be downloaded from the official website of the platform and installed on a PC. To do this, select the Product section, and then select Online Client. When registering, specify the user name, password and copy the SEED-key. To be aware of any improvements in the system, we advise to read the Waves coin news today and every day. Also you can see the current Waves coin value on any major crypto website.

How to buy the WAVES coin

The main source for buying WAVES is EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. Here are the largest transactions paired with BTC. Also, this coin can be bought on more famous crypto-exchanges. In particular, it is traded on Binance, YoBit. In addition, the project has its own marketplace called WAVES Decentralized Exchange. You can always see the current Waves coin price at Coin market cap.

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