Aragon (ANT)


What is the Aragon coin?

Aragon (ANT) is an open source operating system. It is designed for companies to be able to implement blockchain in business, although there will be a certain share of centralization. The developers laid Ethereum as the foundation of the Aragon system, and adapted it to work with all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. Any key decisions will be made solely by user voting.

Specialists offer their product to solve the main accounting problems with the help of blockchain. In particular, companies will be able to use Aragon to calculate taxes, employees' wages, maintain accounting records, as well as to make various payments. The system has its own cryptocurrency, which received the designation ANT. The operating system is designed to optimize the staff of organizations.

Aragon coin mining, unfortunately, is impossible. Only the developers of the company are engaged in the issue, and the number of Aragon tokens is strictly limited. The project team released 29 million ANT.

What are the advantages of the Aragon crypto?

  • Reliable protection of corporate information. In accounting, it is especially important to prevent the theft of important information. The system on the blockchain is suitable for this as well as possible.

  • Open source. This allows IT departments of client organizations to exercise constant control over the work and changes in Aragon.

  • Minimum commission. Due to a number of decisions, transactions in the system are accompanied by minimal operating costs. It is beneficial for businesses and it may be of interest to them.

  • Anonymity. The system has a number of developments that help to protect not only corporate information, but also personal data of users.

  • Strictly regulated emissions. This will allow the Aragon cryptocurrency to be more stable and prevent inflation.

Where to store the Aragon?

ANT is based on the ERC20 token, and therefore, you can keep the cryptocurrency in the majority of wallets that work with Ethereum. First of all, it is MyEtherWallet. This is the main storage for coins of this kind, characterized by excellent protection and functionality. In addition, some multi-currency wallets also work with the Aragon (ANT) crypto coin. The most famous of them is Jaxx. You can also use Atomic, Exodus and imToken. Fans of hardware wallets will be able to store cryptocurrency on Ledger Nano 5. You can find the full list of supported wallets at the Aragon website.

How to buy the Aragon coin?

The vast majority of trading on currency pairs with the Aragon coin is held on a not too well-known exchange Liqui. About 85.7% of operations are carried out here. As for the more famous sites, the main one of them is of course Binance. There is about 11% of trading. Another 2.15% of financial transactions are accounted for HitBTC. The share of other services does not exceed 0.5%. To see the current Aragon rate, you can visit Coinmarketcap.

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