Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash (ZEC)

What is Zcash?

The transparency of blockchains is a great thing for some. Businesses enjoy no customer chargebacks, users fancy not being overcharged for goods and services. However, some people and enterprises do not want to have others looking into their balances and transaction histories. This is exactly where coins like Zcash step in.

Zcash offers immensely improved privacy if compared to other cryptocurrencies. A scientific protocol called Zerocoin was used in Zcash development along with zero-knowledge proofs. These mechanisms allow Zcash to protect the privacy of each transaction. With this technology in use, the clients can choose the privacy feature and hide details they would not like to share.

What are the advantages of Zcash?

  • Privacy. Zcash transaction validity is provided by zero-knowledge proofs. Information about the sender, receiver or the sum of the transaction is not being revealed.

  • Mining. Mining of these coins can be accessed easily because Zcash protocol uses the Equihash PoW system. Miners can work of Xcash with just an available and affordable GPU hardware.

  • Reputation. From the beginning of Zcash, there have been no security bugs in the protocols as well as no network downtime.

How to store Zcash?

ZEC can be stored in the official wallet of this cryptocurrency. This wallet is available both in mobile application version and in desktop form. Besides that, Zcash is supported by the majority of other cryptocurrency wallets due to the coin's popularity.

How to buy Zcash?

Besides Zcash mining, ZEC is available for purchase on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Services let their users pair ZEC with popular cryptos at various exchange rates. You may always check the most relevant Zcash price and Zcash price chart on CoinMarketCap.

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