Tron Price Prediction

What is Tron (TRX)?

Tron is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain-based decentralized entertainment platform. No need to introduce Tron, a cryptocurrency and a blockchain-based decentralized entertainment platform. In other words, TRON is something like a social network, where users can easily post, watch and use entertainment materials, such as casinos, online games and other various kinds of applications. For developers, the TRON platform provides the opportunity to promote their games and gambling-related applications. In other words, Tron is intended to act as an analogue of the AppStore and Google Play.

We can’t help but mention what a successful marketing strategy they have chosen. The digital entertainment market is estimated at about $1 trillion, of which online casinos take up most of the value. The TRON platform can be compared in funds volume with a company like Alibaba which is the world leader in the field of Internet commerce. Since most of the TRON investors are from China there is no doubt that this platform has been gaining great popularity there and will continue to do so. According to our Tron token price prediction in 2019, TRX cryptocurrency will be able to reach the price of $0,1 per coin, so you might want to take a closer look at it.

TRX News

The TRON project was founded in 2017 by the famous developer Justin Sun, who is a member of the Forbes up to 30 years old list. This project is based on the blockchain technology, which means it can be safely called decentralized platform. It is also open sourced. The idea behind Tron was to ​​create an entertainment ecosystem in which media files would be freely distributed. To tell the truth, the idea is not new but the execution was nice enough to make investors believe in its success and since the launch, Tron future price and Tron price forecast agreed on steady growth in no time.

Inside this project, there is a proprietary calculation unit called TRX cryptocurrency. It is with the help of the TRX currency that users will be encouraged to create new content on the platform. Some analysts that make forecasts on Tron future say that this media platform has good chances to compete with platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Binance is a good and trusted place to buy or exchange TRX. There, about 20% of the total number of trades are completed. The maximum TRX rate reached 25 cents in early 2018 when the project capitalization was equal to 16.7 billion dollars.

Tron Price Prediction

To evaluate the prospects of this project and give a valuable TRX token price prediction, it is necessary to refer to the general trends of this field at the moment. Obviously, it is difficult to tell the correct number but after gathering information from various sources, it is possible to estimate it at a trillion dollars.

Given the current popularity of the entertainment industry and the prospects of everything that works on the blockchain technology, we can assume that in the next year or two, TRON will gain more and more popularity and that TRX future price will go up. Today, Tron price (2019) leaves much to be desired but it still hasn’t recovered from a major market decline of the last year.

Tron Price Prediction 2019

Some analysts are confident that TRX price 2019 will rise up to $ 0,4. This  TRX price forecast is based on the general market trends and analysis of the individual coin. Some experts even have the audacity to talk about $ 1 per token by the end of the year, however, such growth is highly unlikely and we wouldn’t advise you to believe in it. And even in the most pessimistic Tron price predictions for 2019, a rate of $ 0.15 per token was mentioned, and it is still higher than the current price. Maybe, after making some research of your own, you will decide to use TRX as a valuable investment tool since the end of the year is not that far.

Why are the experts so sure that, despite some scandals and gossips that we connected to the name of Tron’s founder, the price along with the market capitalisation of this platform will grow? Well, there are several major reasons that are worth to mention. First of all, as we have pointed out numerous times, the project is focused on the sphere of entertainment, the most valuable field of the moment, the market turnover of which is estimated at one trillion dollars. It is really difficult to lose a base as well established as the one of Tron’s platform. Secondly, Tron is supported by notorious Asian businessmen who have big names in the industry and act both as a guarantee of the project’s validity and as promotion mechanism. Last but not least, the developers presented a 10-year implementation plan for Tron, which has quite a unique functionality. They are planning on launching gaming applications, online casinos and entertainment channels based on the blockchain. According to experts, the creators of the project seriously intend to oust  Google Play and the App Store from the market. They may not have succeeded just yet but their confidence boosts up Tron forecasts and TRX price predictions.

Tron Price Prediction 2020

So, we have established that experts have every reason to believe that Tron foundation’s currency is not an artificially inflated bubble, but a promising and long-running project. All of its advantages will become apparent over the next ten years when the implementation plan is completed.

However, the first results will be seen over the next few years. Usually, when talking about long term TRX price prediction (2020 or longer, namely), experts predict the price to overcome the $1 mark.  

Tron Price Prediction 2023

Four years from now is a long term to make any kind of valid prediction but at the very least analysts are sure that Tron will not lose its place on the market and TRX price prediction (2023 and after) looks as promising as it only can. Few people have the courage to say actual numbers but we can speculate that from the year 2020 the price growth will amount to about 20% per year.

*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. Information it this article should not be considered as an investing advice and user should do their own research before taking any actions.