Vcash (XVC)

Vcash (XVC)

What is the Vcash (XVC)?

The Vcash cryptocurrency was created as a means of payment, and its team did everything possible to make it as convenient as possible for transactions. This project was known under the name Vanillacoin. The developers have opened up the source code that was extremely important to the users.

The main advantage of Vcash is the Zerotime technology. It provides confirmation of a financial transaction in just 8 seconds. Taking into account this development, there is no need to implement master nodes. In addition, experts have implemented a framework DarkPP, which is used to create a darknet application. Experts suggest that due to the implemented innovations this coin has a good future, according to the Vcash news.

Hardware Vcash mining is not provided. The algorithm of Proof-of-Stake is used for the cryptocurrency. However, users can receive a reward for storing cryptocurrency. This decision was made by the Vanillacoin team in order to prevent inequality between miners and users.

What are the advantages of the Vcash coin?

  • Financial transactions are completely anonymous.

  • It is impossible to intercept the transaction in the system.

  • Transaction speed. The speed of money transfer is only 8 seconds.

  • Protection against double transactions in the system.

  • All commissions in the system are fixed and do not depend on the total amount of the financial transaction.

  • Optimization of power consumption. Vcash does not perform unnecessary computing operations that require computer resources. Thanks to this, the user will save on checks for electricity.

  • PoS Protocol, so users can increase their income by simply holding the coins on the account - you can read about this opportunity in any Vcash review.

Where to store the Vcash?

In order to store Vcash, you can download the official cryptocurrency wallet. For this purpose, you need to go to the project website, download the installer from there, after selecting the operating system, wait for the download and install. Then it remains only to go through a simple registration procedure.

The Vcash wallet allows you to manage your savings from the command line. RPC commands are sent through it. By the way, an important nuance should be noted. You can’t use a wallet for mining to execute transactions. So, you need the two wallets in this case.

How to buy the Vcash?

Almost all transactions for the purchase and sale of Vcash are carried out on the Upbit cryptocurrency exchange. The total amount of financial transactions is $ 2.5 million or 99% of the total number of Vcash exchange transactions. Also, the coin is traded on Cryptopia and Poloniex. These two sites account for 14 000 dollars of exchange operations or 0.5%. You can visit Coinmarketcap to see the current Vcash price.

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