LBRY credits (LBC)

LBRY credits (LBC)

What are LBRY credits?

LBC, also known as Library Coin, is the cryptocurrency of the LBRY project. Its essence lies in the creation of storage and trading platform for various multimedia projects. The idea of the creators is that the service users will be able to store and sell movies, video courses, video tutorials, streams, etc. LBRY credits coin (LBC) is the internal currency of the project, for which users will be able to pay for the content and earn on it.

What are the advantages of LBC crypto?

  • The use of two algorithms. You can get LBRY credits by mining, using the PoW algorithm, or by providing a certain space on the hard disk for the needs of storage and income generation using the PoS algorithm. LBRY credits mining pools and space lending are both profitable, according to the LBRY credits reviews.

  • Direct contact between the seller and the consumer. Payment for content is made directly, without intermediaries. Therefore, buying with LBC is more profitable, given the savings on commissions.

  • Strict rules of use. Cryptocurrencies are often used for illegal activities. The LBRY platform does not allow the use of LBC to pay for content that violates the rules of the platform. Thus, LBC can be considered a legal cryptocurrency, which will not have problems with the law.

Where to store LBC?

There is an internal wallet in the LBRY system. You can register it immediately after registration on the service.

How to buy LBRY credits?

LBC is traded on many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. It can be bought on Bittrex, Poloniex, Upbit, Cryptopia and other LBRY credits exchanges. The cryptocurrency is traded for other types of coins as well as for fiat money. Also you can exchange LBC coins on exchangers.

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