Elastic (XEL)

Elastic coin

What Is Elastic?

Xel Project (former Elastic) positions itself as the first codable decentralized supercomputer. The platform - an open source project - can execute any computational task on demand. XEL offers a flexible system by enabling self-programmable tasks instead of hard coded use-cases. This is possible thanks to the proprietary ElasticPL (ePL) programming language. Users can provide their hardware resources to the network and earn tokens. XEL tokens are used as a medium of exchange.

What Are The Elastic Advantages?

Massive power resources that allow users to avoid the cost of deploying cloud services or buying a hardware.

Flexible and modular.

Privacy: publishers of tasks and those performing tasks do not require to share private data at any stage of the process.

How To Store XEL Coin?

There are XEL Lite Wallet and XELINE Wallet (used mostly by miners to get rewards for providing computing power).

How To Buy XEL Coin?

XEL coin is listed on Bittrex and Upbit exchanges. You may always check the most relevant XEL price on CoinMarketCap.

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