GameCredits (GAME)

GameCredits (GAME)

What is the GameCredits?

The gaming industry is one of the most developed on the Internet. Every day, hundreds of millions of users come to their favorite online game and spend several hours with it. In addition, the sites developed the sale of all kinds of options to upgrade your character. However, it is not always convenient to make payments in fiat currency. That is why the GameCredits project team set a goal - to create a tool that will be convenient to pay in online stores with, as well as in the games themselves.

GameCredits (GAME) is a cryptocurrency that uses the bitcoin blockchain. The creators have adapted it for the leading playgrounds, on which gamers from around the world play. The plans of the developers are grandiose. They expect that their technology will be used by 2.6 billion players around the planet. With GAME, the creators plan to increase the gross game market to $100 billion.

Mining GameCredits is possible. It is built on a Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm and uses the BTC blockchain. The GameCredits coin mining is carried out in a similar way with bitcoin. The generation of blocks is done every 90 seconds, and the reward for detection is 12.5 GAME.

For mining, you need to download the miner program and install it on your PC. Then choose one of the popular pools specializing in mining GAME, for example:

  • Suprnova

  • Hash-to-coins


  • Acidpool


When you have made your choice, you must configure the program accordingly. Open the .bat file with settings, where we specify the preferred pool, wallet number, as well as other necessary parameters. That's it, you can start the mining. If you have any troubles with the coin mining, you can always refer to the GameCredits Bitcointalk.

What are the advantages of the GameCredits coin?

  • Quick transactions. The transfer of funds in the GAME system takes only a few minutes. This is a significant revision of the BTC blockchain, whose operations require much more time.

  • Protection of information about the operation. All information is recorded in the blockchain. It cannot be deleted or changed.

  • Decentralization. There is no single management node, so the cryptocurrency works steadily and without interruption.

  • Personal data protection. Each financial transaction has its own unique address.

Where to store the GAME coin?

To keep the GameCredits coins, you can use the same services as storages for Bitcoin. In particular, an excellent solution for GameCredits will be an online wallet Bitcoin Wallet, which provides a high degree of protection of the cryptocurrency. You can also use a number of multi-currency services for the GAME. In particular, you can keep the coin in Jaxx, Atomic, Exodus, Mobi, Bitpay and others. In addition, there is an official GameCredits wallet adapted for all major fixed platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux.

How to buy the GameCredits

Many cryptocurrency exchanges became interested in the project. So, you can buy GameCredits easily on many platforms. In particular, the coin is traded on such well-known services as Cryptopia, Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC. However, the most active users are at the the little-known exchange Changelly. You can exchange the coin for for BTC or ETH there. You can always see the current GameCredits price on the website.

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