Flo coin

What Is FLO?

FLO is a public record for logging history and building permissionless dApps using a new feature called floData. This is a metadata layer which allows reading and writing to the blockchain quickly and safely. The goal of the project is to encourage developers to easily build their products on the FLO blockchain. FLO coins are used to pay a storage capacity fee, after which a transaction comment is published to a subsequent block.

What Are The FLO Advantages?

Reputation: FLO (former Florian Coin) is one of the oldest altcoins, it was launched in 2013.

Real-life applications: Open Index Protocol, tZERO, Medici Land Governance, Caltech (The California Institute of Technology) are among the companies that use FLO blockchain.

Transparency: FLO block explorer allows an easy way to view all data relevant to the project - tx metadata, network behavior, exchange volume, market capitalization, etc.

How To Store FLO Coin?

FLO is based off of the LTC code base, so any wallet supporting LTC could be used. There is also an official wallet for FLO.

How To Buy FLO Coin?

FLO coin is listed on TOKOK, Bittrex and some other exchanges. You may always check the most relevant FLO price on CoinMarketCap.

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