MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

What is the MaidSafeCoin?

Decentralization has become a real trend in the second half of 2010-ies. Cryptocurrencies were built on this principle before, but they gained real popularity only in 2017. Around the same period, other decentralized services began to develop rapidly. Anticipating the interest in such solutions, the SAFE team started its project in 2014.

SAFE Network is a decentralized data warehouse, which is a new generation network. The internal means of payment in the system is the cryptocurrency MaidSafeCoin (MAID). The idea of the project is to combine the unclaimed capacities that are available on millions of computers in the world. Each PC owner can go to the site and allocate a certain place on his device to store someone's files. For this, the user will receive an appropriate reward - that was the idea with with MaidSafeCoin went to ICO.

SAFE Network is not the only startup in the crypto world that promotes offers of this kind. For example, in 2016, the idea was finalized by the Golem project, which in addition to the storage space for files offered also the rental of computing power. SAFE Network continues to develop, which means that with the development of decentralization ideas, MaidSafeCoin has a good chance to become one of the leading local cryptocurrencies in the world - that is the MaidSafeCoin prediction for the nearest future.

What are the advantages of the MAID coin?

  • Commercial attractiveness. The SAFE project has a huge potential, and a high probability of a rise in the MaidSafeCoin price is predictable. Users need decentralized storage with unlimited volume, so the interest in cryptocurrency will grow, according to the official topic at the MaidSafeCoin Bitcointalk.

  • Security. Experts pay great attention to the protection of personal data and user information both on the site and in the cryptocurrency. Transactions are confidential, and the sender and recipient cannot be tracked.

  • The ability to mine cryptocurrency, helping the network. If you're a developer, you can earn MaidSafeCoins by helping the team to develop the system. Users who will create the necessary applications will receive a certain amount of MAID as a reward.

Where to store the MaidSafeCoin?

The MaidSafeCoin cryptocurrency is based on the Bitcoin blockchain, however the official BTC wallet does not support it. The service also does not have its own MaidSafeCoin wallet yet, it will appear simultaneously with the launch of the SAFE Network. The most common solution for coin holders is Omniwallet. This is an online wallet. To get started, you need to go through the registration procedure.

In addition, the cryptocurrency can be stored in several multi-currency wallets. In particular, Atomic, Guarda and Coinspot are suitable for this. You can find more wallets in other MaidSafeCoin reviews.

How to buy the MaidSafeCoin

MAID is traded on several major cryptocurrency platforms. In particular, it can be bought on Bittrex, Cryptopia, Poloniex, HitBTC, OpenLedger, UpBit. The most intense trading is provided on Bittrex and HitBTC exchanges. The first one’s trading volume is $180 000 per day, the second one’s is $104 000. UpBit is not far behind, where the trading pair with BTC has a trading volume of $98 000. You can buy the cryptocurrency for ETH on the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange.

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