Blocktix (TIX)


What is Blocktix (TIX)?

Promotion of events and sale of tickets for events is a highly profitable industry, which sooner or later had to come to the blockchain. This is exactly what happened with the launch of the new platform Blocktix with the cryptocurrency of the same name (TIX). On the platform, you can place events and sell tickets through it with the help of coins.

The interface is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens were made according to the ERC20 standard and were released during the Blocktix ICO. The sale of invitations is carried out with the help of smart contracts, which greatly simplify the procedure. In addition, this technology provides increased security. Another feature of the site is a verification system, participating in which the user is able to receive certain bonuses.

As for mining, it is not available for Blocktix (TIX). Only the project team has the right to issue digital currency. The token is already in circulation and no additional emission is planned.

What are the advantages of the Blocktix coin?

  • Increased safety. Ethereum blockchain provides increased protection of personal data and anonymity of transactions. Therefore, it is very difficult to track who sent tokens and to whose address.

  • Protection from fraud. The smart contract technology provides better protection against intruders. The execution of the contract is carried out immediately after the performance of certain actions, for example, money transfer, and the user is guaranteed to receive his ticket.

  • Bonus system of the platform. It is designed to invite people to it. Each verified user earns the cryptocurrency when promotes an event. It is a kind of implementation of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Thus, for such work, users can get a tangible reward and exchange it for money or tickets, according to Blocktix news.

Where to store the TIX crypto?

As Blocktix is a cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum blockchain, many wallets intended for ETH suit the system. For example, MyEtherWallet will work. It provides high transaction speed and reliable storage of the coin. If you have several cryptocurrencies, you can use one of the multi-currency wallets. TIX supports JAXX, Atomic, Exodus, Metamask, imToken.

How to buy the Blocktix?

TIX is listed on only three trading platforms, but they are all quite well known. The largest volume of trading takes place on the Upbit cryptocurrency exchange. Also Bittrex and HitBTC can be mentioned. according to the Blocktix coin news. Trades are conducted with BTC and ETH. You can see the actual rate of Blocktix on Coinmarketcap.

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