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Ethereum Price live, Cryptocurrency Ethereum Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply

Ethereum Price for today is $411.708. Its current circulating supply is ETH 113,135,545.81 with a market cap of $46,578,815,802.20.


$ 411.708


$ 46,578,815,802.20

24h % PRICE

-0.742 %


$ 14,075,148,503.17

7d % PRICE

11.893 %


113,135,545.81 ETH

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Ethereum Background

Now it is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Its history dates back to 2013 when programmer Vitalik Buterin conceptualized the idea of a decentralized virtual machine. In August 2014, he did a crowd sale and cryptocurrency was born on the 30th of July, 2015. Like most crypto projects, this one has had its ups and downs in the course of its existence. Just a year after it went live, hackers exploited a weakness in the DAO project’s smart contracts and made off with funds worth $50 million. This prompted the community to vote on a chain split that saw the theft reversed. The original chain continued as Ethereum Classic, while the new chain became the popular cryptocurrency as it is today. Pricewise, currency has recorded significant gains over the last decade. Back in 2015, it was trading at lows of $0.42, and in the crypto rally of 2017, it tested a high of $1,432.88. It is currently trading at sub $400 levels. You can check out our 2020 Ethereum price prediction here.

Ethereum Main Features

To understand blockchain’s core features, one first needs to understand how it works. Essentially, Ethereum allows anyone, be it an individual or an enterprise, to create self-executing smart contracts that are accessible from anywhere in the world. The programmer sets conditions that trigger off the execution of the program. One of the features that allow this to work is the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This is the underlying infrastructure that allows for smart contracts to be created and executed. Another key feature is Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). These are community-driven organizations that allow ETH holders to vote on key decisions about the platform.

Why you need to convert Ethereum

Like all other cryptos, you need a way to exchange ETH to other coins, or cash. This can be for trading, or to get money for whatever reason. For trading purposes, one might find it necessary to convert ETH to a stable coin such as Tether (USDT) in times of market volatility. To convert your coins, you need an Ethereum Converter that is fast, easy to use and has low fees. is an amazing ETH Converter that offers all that and more.

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