Corporate Responsibility

We believe that the crypto industry should be based on the principles of transparency, mutual trust, and constant improvement.

ChangeNOW seeks to maintain accountability to its customers, employees, and the broad crypto community. We do it through strict AML compliance, social change encouragement, regular service quality upgrades, and community involvement.



We value our customers, protect them from scams, always advocate their interests, and help to keep their assets safe.


We promote mass adoption of crypto and seek to turn the crypto world into a healthy environment for collaboration and innovation.


We believe that the crypto industry is no place for money laundering, dodgy schemes, and unlawful activities.

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Every customer matters

Over 3,000,000 satisfied customers

Our key priority is protecting users from all kinds of scams, along with helping to deal with consequences of unfortunate network malfunctions. The ChangeNOW support team is available 24/7 and ready to give guidance to the customers who faced operational difficulties. We always return assets lost due to accidental sendings or unsplit coins transactions, for instance, in case of BCH/BSV/BCHA failed transactions.

Here at ChangeNOW, we do all in our power to help our customers restore justice in case a crypto fraud has been committed. ChangeNOW fully cooperates with the police and other executive bodies that investigate crypto-related crimes. We leave no stone unturned in order to help our customers get back what is rightfully theirs.