What is PIVX?

PIVX stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction. From the name you can understand what the platform is focused on. The primary task is to ensure the maximum level of anonymity of users and protection of financial transactions. To do this, the project team uses a huge variety of methods, and it really works.

Previously, the PIVX cryptocurrency was known as Darknet. It was aimed precisely at working in the darknet and carrying out illegal operations with “dark” purchases that can not be tracked. However, after the cryptocurrency boom in 2017, the owners decided to rebrand and bring the PIVX coin out of the shadows. First of all, this is due to the beginning of the use of PIVX in legal activities for the purchase of ordinary goods.

What are the advantages of the PIVX?

  • Security. PIVX has it on the highest level. It is simply impossible to track transactions or find the sender, so this cryptocurrency can be called one of the safest, if not the most anonymous and protected of all.

  • Dash Legacy. PIVX appeared as a result of the hard fork of the blockchain of this cryptocurrency. The creators have worked hard to keep all the best, including high transaction speed, personal data protection, system stability, etc.

  • The features of the transaction. Besides the fact that the system has taken all the best from Dash, the developers have added something else. Financial transactions are carried out without creating a new block. Verification is carried out only with the use of several masternodes.

  • Special system of private transactions. This innovation was borrowed from Zcash by the creators of cryptocurrency. In order to improve security, the operation generates a secondary cryptocurrency, which is called zPiv.

Where to store the PIVX?

You can keep the cryptocurrency in the official PIVX wallet, which can be found on the project website. Storage is carried out in both mobile and desktop versions. The PC wallet is developed on the basis of Bitcoin Core. You can install it on any available operating system. However, if you intend to use the desktop version, you will have to prepare a lot of hard disk space. Professionals advise to keep a backup of the wallet on a USB Flash drive.

The best way to buy PIVX

You can buy the cryptocurrency on several cryptocurrency exchanges. First of all, we are talking about Bittrex. This trading platform accounts for over 90% of trading on currency pairs with PIVX. On other exchanges, PIVX trading volumes are insignificant, however, the PIVX coin price might be different on different platforms, so you can monitor each of them to find the best rate. For example, you'll find the coin on Livecoin, Yobit, and Cryptopia. You can see the current PIVX market cap on a nice chart at Coinmarketcap.

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