WeTrust (TRST)

Wetrust coin

What Is WeTrust?

WeTrust is a platform for financial dApps powered by the blockchain. The goal of the project is to advance financial inclusion globally. WeTrust offers savings, mutual funds, P2P lendings and insurance services. TRST cryptocurrency fuels improvement of financial inclusion by eliminating the need for a 3rd party, reducing fees and allowing a larger part of the capital to stay with its users. The token also facilitates the coordination of multiple parties via incentives on the platform.

What Are The WeTrust Advantages?

Market potential: the project aims at unbanked population.


Growing database of crypto-accepting charity organizations (WeTrust Spring).

How To Store TRST Coin?

TRTS is based on Ethereum so it could be stored in any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

How To Buy TRST Coin?

TRTS coin is listed on HitBTC, Bancor, IDEX and Livecoin exchanges. You may always check the most relevant TRTS price on CoinMarketCap.

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