FantomCoin (FCN)

FantomCoin (FCN)

What is the FantomCoin?

FantomCoin (FCN) is considered to be one of the most underrated projects. It appeared in 2014, when most of the cryptocurrencies were in their infancy and the hype was still far off. FantomCoin received quite a lot of attention among private miners, who already had a hard time competing with pools mining Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Alas, FCN was not able to assert itself, however, the Fantomcoin future remains prosperous.

As the name suggests, the project team relied on anonymity and confidentiality of transactions. For this, the Cryptonote algorithm was developed. Yes, the developers of FantomCoin were the first to use this tool to encrypt financial transactions. And thanks to FCN, CryptoNote became so popular that the Fantomcoin algorithm was used by such projects as QuazarCoin, Bytecoin and Monero.

Due to the great popularity of Monero, mining FantomCoin, as a rule, is carried out in parallel with this cryptocurrency. Moreover, this is done using the CPU. GPUs are used for Monero, and FCN mining on the CPU can improve the overall profitability of production. FantomCoin uses the Proof-of-Work algorithm, so mining is not significantly different from other cryptocurrencies. The preferred program for the mining is MinerGate, as it allows you to mine both Monero and FantomCoin. You can always use the Fantomcoin mining calculator to see how much you can earn on this coin and what is the current Fantomcoin difficulty.

What are the advantages of the FCN coin?

  • Absolute anonymity and confidentiality of transactions. Financial transactions in the system can not be tracked, thanks to the use of the Cryptonote encryption algorithm.

  • High speed of transactions. Financial transactions in the FantomCoin system are carried out very quickly, the generation of the block takes only 60 seconds.

  • Small emission. In total, there are about 7 000 000 FCN in circulation, so with the restoration of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is likely that this coin will rise in price most intensively - that is the current Fantomcoin price prediction.

  • Low mining difficulty. FCN can be mined simultaneously with Monero, which slightly increases the overall profitability of mining. FantomCoin does not require a lot of resources, so it can be mined using the CPU.

Where to store the FantomCoin?

One of the reasons for the low popularity of FantomCoin is the difficulty with storing cryptocurrency. Due to the low cost of the coin, its addition to multi-currency wallets or the development of specialized storage by third-party developers is simply unprofitable. You may use the official Fantomcoin wallet. It has no graphical interface and presents just a command line. Accordingly, the use is inconvenient.

Therefore, users often store FantomCoin directly in the Minergate multipool. It is much more convenient, more functional, and there are almost no failures with it, unlike the official wallet.

How to buy the FantomCoin

FantomCoin has not generated a lot of interest in the community, so the cryptocurrency is almost not traded. The only place where it can be purchased is the HitBTC crypto exchange. Transactions are carried out only in the trading pair with Bitcoin. The total amount of financial transactions per day rarely exceeds $ 1,000. You can see the current FantomCoin price at

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