Lisk (LSK)

Lisk (LSK)

What is Lisk?

Lisk is a platform for building, storing, and testing decentralized applications. It runs the same-name internal currency, which is used for payments in the system. The Lisk platform has some technical features that can make It popular among users involved in the development of decentralized applications. First of all, we are talking about the possibility of creating a side chain associated with the project network. The straightforwardness of the blockchain somewhat limits developers. The possibility of creating additional chains in the Lisk blockchain should open up new possibilities.

Lisk (LSK) mining is available, however, the method of mining differs from the traditional mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other well-known cryptocurrencies. In this case, the forging is implemented, which is based on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Hardware mining of the LSK cryptocurrency is not provided, however, if you keep Lisk coins in your wallet for a certain period of time and are an active user of the system, you will receive a reward. In February, 2018, Lisk had rebranding with new identity.

What are the advantages of the Lisk crypto?

  • The Proof-Of-Stake Algorithm. LSK is a great way to generate passive income. You only need to store a certain amount of the Lisk cryptocurrency in your wallet, and its amount will gradually grow.

  • Collaboration with Microsoft. The Lisk platform was in the top 10 in terms of investment attractiveness in 2017 and was able to get a contract with Microsoft. In particular, the development of Microsoft Azure - a platform for creating an architecture for cloud computing, is a joint development of the two companies. This indicates an interest in the project and the LSK token from the giants of the IT industry.

  • Excellent technical support and community assistance. In case of any technical problems with Lisk, the user will receive a prompt response from the Technical support. Experts will take all possible measures to eliminate the shortcomings.

Where to store the Lisk coin?

The cryptocurrency can be stored in the official Lisk wallet, which is available on the official website of the platform. Mobile and desktop versions are available. To download the wallet, you need to go to the official website and select the DOWNLOAD tab or GET STARTED. They both lead to the wallet download page. Next, you need to select the version and click the download button.

After that, you need to install the wallet on the device and go through the registration procedure. It consists of only a few fields, so it won't take long. Upon the completion of registration, you can use all the options available in the Lisk wallet and start investing in Lisk.

How to buy Lisk coin?

Lisk cryptocurrency was able to enter some major cryptocurrency exchanges. In particular, it can be found in the listing of Bit, Bloombit, Bittrex, YoBit and Poloniex. These trading platforms provide the largest share of Lisk trades. So, when it comes to the question of where to buy Lisk, these exchanges are the most obvious option. Also, the cryptocurrency can be found on some less well-known exchanges where you can exchange Lisk to USD. Monitor the Lisk market cap and the Lisk price at Coinmarketcap . As it can be seen from Lisk news, its value will continue to grow in the future as there is huge interest from the business.

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