Waltonchain (WTC)

Waltonchain (WTC)

What is the Waltonchain?

The idea of the Internet of things is becoming more and more relevant every year. Therefore, a huge number of startups are working on how to tie things together with a single service. One of them is Waltonchain. It was created by Chinese developers. The main goal is to track physical objects on the blockchain using RFID.

In 2017, the project tried to raise funds in various ways. In particular, negotiations were held with several large investors, but to no avail. After that, the Waltonchain team decided to hold an ICO, and the initial offering of the crypto coins was successful, according to the Waltonchain reddit. Experts managed to raise $ 10 million. The Waltonchain coin was issued to hold the ICO.

Waltonchain mining is impossible, unfortunately. The emission of the new coin is held only by the project team. To date, the issue is 70 million WTC, according to the recent Waltonchain coin news.

What are the advantages of the Waltonchain?

  • High level of anonymity and protection of personal data. For this purpose, the system uses special technologies of Chinese and Korean development and decenralized Waltonchain masternodes.

  • Waltonchain is a public project that relies on the transparency of its activities.

  • All information contained on the platform is protected from copying and cannot be removed from the blockchain.

  • High speed of transactions. Transactions on the site are carried out in just a few minutes.

Where to store the Waltonchain?

Since Waltoncoin is based on the ERC20 token, you can store the cryptocurrency on any wallet that supports Ethereum. Most often, users choose MyEtherWallet for this purpose. This is the most secure and functional Waltonchain wallet. In addition, you can use the services of multi-currency services. Such programs as Jaxx, Atomic, Exodus work with Waltonchain. In addition, you can store the cryptocurrency on the Ledger Nano 5 hardware device.

How to buy the Waltonchain

Leading cryptocurrency exchanges became interested in Waltonchain, and added the coin in the listing. The most active trades are held on the Chinese trading platform Binance. In addition, the coin is traded on Cucoin, Coinnest and OKEx. Basically, you can exchange Waltonchain on Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can see the current Waltonchain price at Coinmarketcap.

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