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What is VRA?

Verasity is a gaming and video platform based on blockchain technology. The project originated in 2017, in 2018 public and private ICO took place, and in 2019 the platform was officially launched. The platform was founded by Robert J. Mark who aimed to address the issue of “fake” views in the video streaming industry and their impact on advertising.

Verasity utilized its own patent consensus algorithm, Proof-of-View which was developed over 3 years. Proof-of-View allows the community to verify the legitimacy of the produced views which then are recorded on the Verasity blockchain. PoV consensus algorithm creates authentic and transparent audience metrics which are used on the Verasity video sharing service to pay creators accordingly. Creators are paid by viewers rather than advertisers which allows content to be ranked by consumers rather than third parties. PoV functions with the help of 200 touchpoints and AI which then allows for differentiation between a bot and a real viewer. VRA, the main currency of the Verasity network, is utilized for staking and earning staking rewards, for engaging with VeraEsports, and is burnt regularly for controlling the token’s supply.

By the end of 2022, Verasity is planning to launch an NFT marketplace that will allow users to purchase and re-sell NFTs. It will also allow game publishers to create, mint, and sell in-game redeemable NFTs.

How to Buy Verasity?

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How to Sell Verasity?

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