SmartCash (SMART)

Smartcash coin

What Is SmartCash?

SmartCash is a community-centric, P2P cryptocurrency, that can be used without a 3rd party. The ecosystem includes SmartHive (the self-funding mechanism that pays for the development and encourages contribution), SmartRewards (a price stabilization mechanism), InstantPay (a mechanism that ensures fast transactions for merchants) and SmartMining (for mining attacks prevention). 70% of the block reward has been allocated to fund SmartHive community proposals. SmartCash holders have a right to vote (1 SmartCash coin = 1 vote).

What Are The SmartCash Advantages?

Working product.

Price stabilization mechanism.

InstantPay for mass adoption of crypto and its daily usage.

How To Store SMART Coin?

SMART is based on Ethereum so it could be stored in any ERC-20 compatible wallet. There are also native wallets (web and mobile).

How To Buy SMART Coin?

SMART coin is listed on HitBTC, CoinBene, Exmo and some other exchanges. You may always check the most relevant SMART price on CoinMarketCap.

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