SaluS (SLS)

Salus coin

What Is SaluS?

SaluS was launched in 2016 as a utility coin granting community members access to Salus products and services. A set of tools, expertise and technical analysis help to make better investment decisions. Some of the SLS collected as fees for products and services will be used to support the project, improve products and services. Unused SLS will be held in cold storage until there is a need for it.

What Are The SaluS Advantages?

Stability: SLS is a stable coin with an annual inflation of 1%.

Network: an opportunity to connect with crypto traders in real time.

Niche product.

How To Store SLS Coin?

The SLS token can be stored in the official wallet that is compatible with Windows, Raspi and Mac.

How To Buy SLS Coin?

SLS coin is listed on Bittrex, YoBit, VINEX Network and CryptoBridge exchanges. You may always check the most relevant SLS price on CoinMarketCap.

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