Mercury (MER)

Mercury coin

What Is Mercury?

Mercury is a provenance token powered by Waves. It allows cross-chain communication and timestamping from Jupiter blockchain to Waves and back. As more and more Waves nodes are accepting MER, it’s becoming a fully functional token within the ecosystem. Jupiter is also an open-source software, which powers a public blockchain of the same name, allowing anyone to participate.

What Are The Mercury Advantages?

Working with Waves.

Accessible for everyone: Gravite, a versatile framework, interfaces with Jupiter blockchain. This framework allows building of dApps which address trust, provenance, privacy and security issues faced by individuals and businesses alike.

Working products: aside from Gravity there is also Metis – a fully encrypted chatting application.

How To Store MER Coin?

There is a dedicated Jupiter wallet.

How To Buy MER Coin?

MER coin is listed on Bittrex, Tidex and Waves Decentralized exchanges. You may always check the most relevant MER price on CoinMarketCap.

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