Mainframe (MFT)

Mainframe (MFT)

What Is Mainframe (MFT)?

Mainframe is a convenient platform for decentralized applications, mainly those which are anti-surveillance and anti-censorship. Mainframe OS is available for Windows/Mac/Linux. MFT tokens are integrated into the OS, they’re needed to power its services. Users can stake MFT to send invitations to others.

What Are The Mainframe Advantages?

  • Users have total control over their data.

  • Security and privacy: nothing is tracked or censored.

  • dApps marketplace.

How To Store MFT Coin?

Since MFT is a ERC-20 token it could be stored in any Ethereum wallet.

How To Buy MFT Coin?

MFT coin is listed on Binance, Upbit, Bittrex and IDEX exchanges among others. You may always check the most relevant MFT price on CoinMarketCap.

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