Dynamic (DYN)

Dynamic (DYN)

What Is Dynamic (DYN)?

Dynamic (DYN) is one of the Duality Blockchain solutions. Dynamic enables fast, secure and verifiable transfers of data using blockchain technology. It allows 3rd-party developers to build low-cost solutions across varied industries. DYN coin can be used to run incentivized Dynodes (the second tire nodes of network) and to process, verify and store the data.

What Are The Dynamic Advantages?

  • Focus on technology: the company develops tech solutions (they have two independent blockchains) and focuses on BaaS - Blockchain-as-a-Service approach.

  • Highly active on GitHub, transparency.

  • Focus on solutions for business and emerging markets.

How To Store DYN Coin?

DYN coin is not an ERC-20 token; it’s a currency-token which acts as digital money with a stable value. There is a dedicated Dynamic Wallet available for Android.

How To Buy DYN Coin?

DYN coin is listed on STEX and Livecoin exchanges. You may always check the most relevant DYN price on CoinMarketCap.

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