Coindash (CDT)

Coindash (CDT)

What is the CoinDash?

The CoinDash (CDT) is the old name for the Blox cryptocurrency. The rebranding took place in 2018 after the Coindash ICO. However, in the crypto community it is more popular under the old name. It is the internal coin of the service of the same name. CoinDash is a platform on the blockchain, which is designed for managing digital assets. This project was born in Israel. It allows you to synchronize all user wallets into a single account.

In order to use the service, the user must provide a public key. After that, the system automatically tracks all changes in value, warns about possible risks, and offers recommendations on how to deal with an asset. CoinDash also has a CopyICO function. If you select it, the site will automatically participate in the primary placements of crypto-coins from companies that have a good reputation.

As for mining, it is impossible for the CoinDash token. The release of the new amount of cryptocoins is subject to the decision of the project team. To date, there is no information regarding the additional emission of the digital coin, according to the CoinDash review.

What are the advantages of the CoinDash coin?

  • Relevance of the platform. Now cryptocurrencies are mainly an investment tool. The infrastructure for their mass use for making payments is not yet available. Under these conditions, the investment tool for crypto assets will be popular among investors.

  • CopyICO. The ability to constantly monitor promising ICOs and automatically invest into the best projects is another factor in favor of the attractiveness of CoinDash for investments. The service will be useful not only for users, but also for companies that intend to raise funds through the initial offerings of cryptocurrencies.

  • Transaction speed. Financial transactions in the system are made in just a few minutes.

  • A high degree of protection of personal data and user funds. After breaking the project in 2017, the team has revised its security requirements in the direction of tightening. The funds were returned to investors, and the reliability was increased to a very high level.

Where to store the CoinDash?

The CoinDash platform is based on ERC20 tokens, on which the Ethereum system is built. Therefore, there are plenty of options for storing this type of coins. First of all, we are talking about MyEtherWallet. It is the main repository for cryptocurrencies built on ERC20. In addition, some multi-currency wallets are suitable for storing the coins - for these purposes, you can use Jaxx, Atomic, Exodus, Coinbase. It is also possible to store the CoinDash crypto on the Ledger Nano 5 hardware wallet.

How to buy the CoinDash

The CoinDash cryptocurrency is traded at several important exchanges. In particular, it can be purchased on Binance, HitBTC, YoBit. However, the most active trades are held on the little-known Mercatox exchange. Trading volume here paired with BTC is 75 000 dollars a day. Another 18 000 are traded in pairs with ETH on the same site. The share of other services is insignificant.You can always see the current CoinDash market cap and price at Coinmarketcap.

ChangeNOW is a new generation exchanger. Soon we will open the possibility to work with CoinDash. You will be able to exchange the cryptocurrency for any of the 150 other types of cryptocoins at the best rates. The exchange is as simple as possible. Just select a trading pair and spend a minute filling out the order, after that the funds will be exchanged automatically. The trade will take only a few seconds.