BetterBetting (BETR)


What is the BetterBetting?

Many experts initially saw the cryptocurrency in the field of gambling. And indeed it is very convenient. The world has already received several casinos and “prediction services”, the most famous of which is Augur. However, hands of the developers still did not reach to sports betting. And now the bright day has come, and the BetterBetting ICO with the BETR cryptocurrency was held.

BetterBet is positioning itself as a new generation sports betting platform. It is a decentralized platform that is not managed from a single office, which is important for user trust. Moreover, the service plans to be useful for the world's leading operators of the gaming industry. The developers assume that with the help of crypto-coins it will be possible to bet on sports in well-known bookmakers in the near future, so the Betterbets predictions are pretty promising.

BetterBetting tokens can’t be mined. The issue of the token is performed only by the developers. To date, there are about 173 billion crypto-coins in circulation. There is no information about the emission of new coins in the near future.

What are the advantages of the BetterBetting?

  • The system without the human factor. This is a key advantage of the service and the reason why BETR stock can become popular among players. Representatives of the offices do not affect the coefficients, and do not adapt the rules “for themselves”, which is why the influx of users in the project is very feasible.

  • Any problems with withdrawals are excluded. The second advantage comes from the first. It is a usual thing for successful players when offices close or cut the withdrawal. In the case of BetterBetting this is technically impossible as the platform is decentralized.

  • Easy payments. A person no longer needs a single credit card, player identification and other problems. All you need is to buy BETR and you can bet freely.

  • Instant access to money. In the case of cryptocurrency, you do not have to wait a lot of time until the office checks the payment, while the bank will hold it, etc. Often it is delayed for weeks. Here you have won the coin - you sell the coin, get your money, withdraw, use it.

Where to store the BetterBetting?

The list of wallets in which you can store the cryptocurrency is limited to three for now. The most famous of them is MyEtherWallet - the official repository of tokens based on ERC20 in the Ethereum system. Also this coin supports multicurrency wallet Atomic. Another storage solution is a service Guarda.

How to buy the BetterBetting?

Unfortunately, BETR did not cause much interest among the representatives of the crypto community. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to find it today. The only trading platform supporting the coin to date is HitBTC. It holds 91% of the trades. You can buy or sell the cryptocurrency there only for Ethereum. Another 9% of the trading is concentrated in the system of Bancor Network. You can see the current rate of BetterBetting on Coinmarketcap.

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