Aeron (ARN)


What is Aeron?

Blockchain successfully integrates into various spheres of our life. Moreover, experts were able to develop a platform that ensures the safety of flights in civil aviation. This is how the Aeron (ARN) service with the internal cryptocurrency of the same name appeared. During the presentation, the developers noted that 57% of accidents with aircraft occur through the fault of a human pilot or dispatcher.

According to the Aeron coin Reddit, the project proposes to solve this problem by integrating new safety standards for the airline industry. The idea of the startup is to launch a new aircraft control system. The platform is a huge database, which contains information about the infrastructure of the flight sector, from schools and training of pilots, to the technical condition and information about each aircraft on the balance sheet of airlines.

As for the Aeron coin mining, it is impossible. Only developers can issue the tokens. To date, 17.5 million ARN are in circulation,further production is not planned. Still, sometimes you can get some tokens via Aeron coin airdrops.

What are the advantages of the Aeron token?

  • It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Today it is one of the most advanced types of the distributed registry technology. This ensures high stability of the cryptocurrency. ARN is based on the ERC20 token, according to the Aeron coin review.

  • Urgency. The problem of safety of the passenger and cargo aviation requires new solutions. In addition, airlines need to systematize data on personnel, aircraft and other aspects of flights. Therefore, the probability that the technology will be of interest to major players in the market is very high.

  • Recognition by the crypto community. Immediately after the development, the major cryptocurrency exchanges added the token in the listing and began trading, according to the Aeron coin news.

Where to store the Aeron crypto?

Like many other cryptocurrencies that are based on ERC20, ARN can be stored in any crypto-wallet that supports Ethereum. As a rule, users select MyEtherWallet. This is the official repository, which is considered the most reliable and secure option. In addition, there are a couple of multi-currency wallets working with Aeron. It's Exodus and Atomic. It is also possible to keep ARN at the Guarda service.

How to buy Aeron?

The crypto community immediately recognized Aeron, and the exchanges saw great potential in the Aeron token. Therefore, it is not surprising that it appeared almost immediately in the listings of such trading platforms as Binance, Huobi, Bit-Z, HitBTC. You can also buy it at the less known exchanges like Idax, Tidex, You will find the actual Aeron coin price on Coinmarketcap.

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