Factom (FCT)

Factom (FCT)

What is Factom?

The FCT cryptocurrency is an internal currency that is used for the operation of the Factom project . The idea of the developers was to create digital money that would solve many of the problems of more well-known cryptocurrencies that were obvious even before the boom. The creators were able to predict one of the main difficulties of the functioning of most types of digital money already in 2015, and successfully implemented the technology of increased size of one block. In the Factom blockchain, it is 1 MB.

What are the advantages of the Factom crypto?

  • Block size. Due to this, the block can store a much larger amount of information, which significantly increases the attractiveness of Factom cryptocurrency. Hence the high commercial attractiveness and positive Factom news.

  • Ample opportunities for work. The Factom system is suitable for document circulation of different companies, from large to small. Therefore, the value of the digital currency will grow along with the popularity of the system – that is a reliable Factom price prediction.

  • Transaction speed. Financial transactions in the FCT system are much faster than in bitcoin or other competitors. The reason is the increased size of the blocks.

  • Mining. Factom coin mining is much easier than the top cryptocurrencies, which adds popularity.

Where to store FCT?

There is an official Factom wallet in the system. The developers created it in three versions. The mobile version works on iOS and Android. The desktop wallet is designed for MacOS, Windows, Linux. The main feature is that the desktop version is tied to the IP, which is why you can use the wallet only from one computer. In addition, there is an online version, but it is considered less reliable.

How to buy Factom?

FCT is listed on most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. In particular, it can be bought on Bittrex, Poloniex, Bit-Z, and others. It is not possible to convert cryptocurrency into fiat money directly. First you need to sell it for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, you can exchange FCT without additional trades by using an exchanger. You can monitor the Factom price at CoinMarketCap any time.

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