What is Aeon?

Surely, many have heard about the famous Monero cryptocurrency. Aeon was the result of the XMR coin hard fork. Moreover, the same people took part in the development of the Aeon crypto. Their idea was to create a new cryptocurrency that could be considered a lightweight version of Monero. Indeed, the Aeon cryptocurrency requires significantly less resources for mining, storage and use than its ancestor.

A number of updates have been implemented on Aeon in order to reduce the requirements for the system with which the cryptocurrency works. The developers used a lightweight version of the consensus mechanism Proof-of-Work. Aeon works perfectly not only on desktop, but also on mobile devices, providing excellent performance, and without wasting resources, according to the Aeon cryptocurrency Reddit.

Aeon coin mining is also much easier than Monero and much less demanding on hardware. Please note that only GeForce graphics cards can be used for mining. It is impossible to mine on AMD products, according to the Aeon coin news. It is recommended to use the program MinerGate. Mining is possible both in the browser (through a special extension) and after installing the software on a PC or a smartphone.

What are the advantages of the Aeon?

  • High degree of anonymity. Like Monero, Aeon uses the CryptoNote algorithm. It perfectly protects transactions from tracking, so it is almost impossible to control who and where makes the transfer.

  • The ability to use on gadgets. Thanks to the lightweight version of the consensus mechanism of Proof-of-Work, Aeon can be mined and stored even on mobile devices. At the same time, the cryptocurrency will not spend too much resources.

  • Blockchain Pruning. It is a special algorithm that allows you to ”cut" the blockchain to improve the performance of the device on which the cryptocurrency is stored or mined. This is another step towards optimizing the coin and the ability to use it even on older devices.

  • Extremely small number of "discarded blocks". This problem is relevant for most blockchains, But Aeon developers were able to minimize it.

Where to store the Aeon?

You can store the cryptocurrency only in the official Aeon coin wallet. It is called Sophia and you can download it from the website of the service. The repository works with all major desktop and mobile operating systems. The wallets are only “cold”. After downloading the installer, you need to install the program, go through a quick registration procedure and start using.

How to buy Aeon?

Despite the fact that Aeon was developed by the creators of Monero, the Aeon cryptocurrency managed to escape only to a few large crypto exchanges. The main one is Bittrex. Here is 86% of trading in pairs with the crypto coin. The Aeon coin trade is also available on HitBTC, but only 2% of trades are allocated to it. In addition, there is a less well-known exchange TradeOgre. It has 12% of the trades. On these exchanges, Aeon can be bought only for BTC. Track the current Aeon coin price at Coinmarketcap.

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