TRON Price Prediction 2019

In this article, ChangeNOW will break down the basics of Tron cryptocurrency and make a prediction on the TRX future price. We base our opinion on the currency market chart analysis, opinions of cryptocurrency influencers and our own analytical projections.

What is Tron?

Tron (TRX) is a cryptocurrency associated with Tron Foundation, a Singapore-based company that gathered quite a formidable team to create a coin that will serve a purpose bigger than that of any other cryptocurrency. Sure sounds like a bold statement, but let’s discuss the details now. Tron foundation is looking to use blockchain technology to provide payment services for content and entertainment sectors. If even this was not enough, TRX also aims to establish the practice of sharing content via peer-to-peer network technology and shorten the distance between users and content creators. Hence, eliminating the need for popular but not trustworthy platforms.

Tron Price prediction 2019

At the beginning of 2018 Tron was a fairly new currency, its ICO finished only a few months prior. The success came fast and Tron peaked in January, growing its capitalisation from $140 million to $3 billion in just two weeks. At the time TRX price averaged to $0,17. The overall cryptomarket crisis, however, affected TRON among the other coins and by March TRX price had dropped to $0,02. The price didn’t fully recover despite the company’s overall growth. By the end of the year, investors were pleased with promising TRON news: announcements about TRON partnering with massive companies like Baidu. After that TRX price forecasts for 2019 became more positive. It is clear that Tron price depends on how many new partners the company will obtain in the entertainment industry. And as the partnership list grows longer, any Tron price forecast agrees that TRX price is only going to grow. Starting from a point of $0,02 it’s going to reach at least the price of $1 by the end of 2019. Some more optimistic analytics mention a $5 mark.

Justin Sun, Tron Foundation founder, cannot help but count currencies that TRON surpassed recently, and, apparently, to him, TRON future quite seems clear despite some difficulties in 2018.

To sum up, analysts are fairly sure (and we tend to agree with them) that TRON price is going up in 2019. Tron uptrend is strong enough to say that TRX price in 2020 and up to 2023 will grow steadily and may reach $60 in five years. However, don’t forget that cryptocurrency market may be unpredictable so make your investment decisions carefully.

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