Ripple Price Prediction 2018

In this article, ChangeNOW will explain the basics of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies – Ripple XRP and make a Ripple price prediction for this token, based on market charts and opinions of the crypto influencers.

What is Ripple?

Ripple is a payment network (RippleNet) and the native cryptocurrency – XRP token. Ripple was launched in 2013 with the main aim of speeding up the bank transfers. Ripple XRP is quite different to other popular coins as, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, cannot be mined. The tokens were issued during the network inception. There are 100 billion units of XRP.
XRP has a key feature that is important in coin’s general growth and prosperity – providing the bank clients with liquidity. With every transaction performed in a partnering bank, some XRP tokens get burned. Using Ripple as fuel allows faster transfers. On the other hand, users cannot actually pay in their XRP tokens. The network generates IOU transactions and burns tokens to work.

Ripple price prediction 2018

Cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile space, so making cryptocurrency price predictions is generally a challenging task. However, ChangeNOW made short-term and long-term Ripple price projections, basing our opinion on the current market state, XRP price charts and already existing Ripple future predictions. The current Ripple price chart is provided below.
Expert’s opinions on Ripple future are now quite opposing –  the EFA (Economic Forecast Agency) thinks that Ripple will no longer be used by the end of the year. With this in mind, our the forecast is starting on a sad note. Ripple Coin News thinks exactly the other way around. To add some colors into the picture, the portal considers that the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 can be a smooth period for the crypto-coin (new partnerships and new technologies will be introduced to the network).
We at ChangeNOW believe that there is a chance for Ripple to grow by the very end of the year. Ripple was showing quite a growth before, so, when the market recovers from the latest crypto crash, XRP certainly has a chance to rise again. Look at this optimistic tweet:

Hopefully, Ripple blockchain solution can gain the widest acceptance next year.
2018 was a challenging time for XRP cryptocurrency (just as well as for other coins) – Ripple price peaked in January 2018 to $3.65 per coin but then experienced a decline that ended in November market crash. Ripple future now hugely depends on the ability to upgrade and add new features. Even with the losses, however, Ripple is still on the very top of the popular cryptocurrencies list.  

Talking about further development, we would like to state that Ripple price prediction 2019 looks quite promising for the coin. XRP value may double by the middle of 2019 with one condition. Ripple has to defeat the competitors – Litecoin and Dash.